I’m Going to Break Down and buy These Shoes

Every time I walk by a store and see a Jessica Simpson product, I say… really? That’s Jessica

Fashion Chick ⋅ April 28, 2015

Royce Leather Travel and Grooming Kit

You’re travelling, you get to the hotel, you just remembered that almost every grooming item you’ve ever had in the world is back home. You go to a drug store and they have some overpriced items separately available for sale. It sucks. It’s happened to me. This Royce Leather Travel and Grooming kit is the

Fashion Chick ⋅ April 27, 2015

I Know Summer is On the Way – But Winter Deals are the Best Now!

This cashmere confetti scarf might be my must have deal of the week. We’re talking a scarf made of cashmere with leaf accent designs throughout that simply dangle beautifully. Heck you can even wear this indoors if you’re in an office where the AC is pumped ridiculously (read thriftychick). So you get this scarf and

Fashion Chick ⋅ April 27, 2015

The Perfect Wristlet for your Phone and Loose Change

If you’re looking for a place to put your loose change, phone etc, so it’s protected and easily found deep in your bag, this is your solution. First, it’s a super cute wristlet. It’s not too small and fits most phones. You know when you lose your phone and your wallet because they’re in different

Fashion Chick ⋅ April 27, 2015

Black Stretch Cotton Legging Pants on Sale at Bluefly

Ladies, this is your go to pair of pants when there’s nothing to wear and everything to wear. They are so comfortable and they conform to all of your curves. I selected this as a pick because there’s a pretty big sale going on at Bluefly and you’d be hard pressed to find a deal

Fashion Chick ⋅ April 27, 2015

How I Love These Pants Let Me Count The Ways

I could provide a deep detailed list of why I love these pants so much, but needless to say these sleek, slimming pants appreciate every bit of your curve. Alloy Apparel makes this so that if you’re size is available it should work. When I purchased this though, I went a size up, because it

Fashion Chick ⋅ April 24, 2015