Bluefly + Nanette Lepore = A Really Good Deal on Booties

These WERE $368 but now they’re not. Thanks to Bluefly you can get these excellently stylish shoes for

Fashion Chick ⋅ March 26, 2015

We Love Beauty Samples Especially if We Get Them for Ordering Other Items

Let’s say you would have gone to and ordered these items anyway, doesn’t it make sense to

discounts ⋅ March 25, 2015

If You’re Having Trouble Letting Go of a Bad Relationship or ANYTHING – This is the Book You Need to Read

I’m not a big self-help anything. I don’t like reading it because some of the affirmations are filled

Paper Chick ⋅ March 25, 2015

Yes I am Featuring SwimSuits in March – On Sale

I know! I Know! It’s March! But I had to feature these swimsuits because they are so chic, sleek and work for women who want complete and total comfort in their swimsuits. Plus the fact that Alloy has them on sale you can afford to get one or two or three before the summer rush

Fashion Chick ⋅ March 25, 2015

Your Goto Jeans from Elie Tahari at a Goto Price

When you’re spending $78 on designer jeans, you know you’re coming out ahead. I selected these jeans as a pick for a couple of reasons. Reason#1: There are no weird embellishments, no cuts, no gimmicks, these are just a pair of sleek, black skinny jeans that can be paired with an entire closet, if you

Fashion Chick ⋅ March 24, 2015

A Dress Adorned with Pearls? Who Cares if They’re Faux – It’s Stylish and Thrifty!

I’ve got to say, I am all over this friend’s and family sale at Bloomingdale’s especially when it

Fashion Chick ⋅ March 24, 2015