Pure White Chuck Taylor Converse…YES!!!

Forzieri has ridiculously awesome Chuck Taylor converse for the marked down price of $70. They typically sell for

Fashion Chick ⋅ July 2, 2015

Gold Spiked Metal Bracelet @ $26.40… Used to Be $176

It seriously doesn’t get any more stylish than this. This gold spiked metal bracelet from Noir insists on

Fashion Chick ⋅ July 1, 2015

It’s a Shame This Dress is Only Available in Medium

This dress is so killer. Yet it’s only available in medium. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! But for those that are mediums,

Fashion Chick ⋅ July 1, 2015

Emporio Armani Sandals – Was $400 now on Sale for $177

So I just featured a pair of Band of Outsider shorts. And I said damn near any footwear goes well with it, particularly flats. Lo and behold, I found a pair of sandals that goes very well with them. Imagine wearing these during the heat of the summer. You’d be more than comfortable, but most

Fashion Chick ⋅ June 30, 2015

Band of Outsiders Shorts on Sale at Yoox

If you can get a pair of shorts at $60 from Band of Outsiders, then you’re ahead of

Fashion Chick ⋅ June 30, 2015

You Need this Beautiful Coverup for Swim Season

You’re at the beach, and you see this caftan walking by, and you say to yourself, why didn’t I get this when the Thriftychicks recommended it. This is especially the case when you could have purchased it for $40.60 (marked down today only from $58. I like this cover up because it accentuates the positive

Fashion Chick ⋅ June 24, 2015