Stila Shadow Palette – $49 at

I usually go one season back in an effort to be as Thrifty as possible when it comes to beauty products. I mean, how much can change in one season? But this Shadow Palette from Stila is just too good to resist. While not exactly a splurge, it is definitely a good to have item

Beauty Chick ⋅ September 30, 2014

Sung for Women at Perfume Worldwide for $13.99

Yes, I’m featuring perfume from Perfume Worldwide and here’s why: this retailer sells, testers, samples and complete sets at a fraction of what other retailers sell perfumes. Illustrative of this, is this Sung tester, which was and continues to be my favorite perfume. The tester is selling for nearly 50% off what other retailers sell

Beauty Chick ⋅ September 30, 2014

A Cut Above Gift Set – Courtesy of @ $29.99

Gift sets are a dime a dozen and come from so many different retailers your head will spin. But a lot of them are not that Thrifty, so you end up spending for sub-par gift sets. is one of my favorite retailers because they do the exact opposite. They provide a lot of value,

Gourmet Chick ⋅ September 30, 2014

Shrimpton Couture Does it Again with Valentino Skirt

Oh how I love Shrimpton Couture, let me count the ways. This exclusive retailer of vintage fashion collectible

Fashion Chick ⋅ September 30, 2014

This Simone Boot From Alloy is $49.90 (seriously)

There is no way you do not get on this deal. Alloy, is selling this beautiful boot with a heel that’s just the right height for $49.90.If you’re worried about quality, worry not, the reviews on the site has it at 5 out of 5 stars. I do trust customer reviews, because they can be

Must Haves ⋅ September 29, 2014

Yes I’m on The Reiss Website Today – Skala Print Dress $135

This is a STEAL… especially knowing that it is coming from Reiss. This beautiful short sleeve skala print dress, is perfect for multiple events. That’s how I usually purchase my fashions, based on when/where I would wear them. The skala dress was retailing for close to $300 originally and now it is marked down to

Fashion Chick ⋅ September 29, 2014