Wish I’d Have Thought of This Stretchy Lace Cover

Two things

1. Don’t you just love pictures of models with their hair blowing in the wind with no discernible wind source being shown?

2. I wish I’d have thought of Hanes’ stretchy lace cover. There’s always an instance where you’re at a loss for an undershirt or camisole that will fit the bill. Sometimes it’s too hot and entirely unnecessary for a full-on shirt. This stretchy lace cover from Hanes is the perfect solution to that conundrum. You get the coverage necessary, without all of the extra stuff that a shirt comes with. Hanes is selling this for $12.99 and despite the reviews on the site, I can attest to this being a well thought out and well-needed product. Click here to get it.

Stretchy Lace Coverup from Hanes

Stretchy Lace Coverup from Hanes

Spanx for $36 and a $10 discount at Fresh Pair on orders over $60

Oprah has recommended these things. I’ve worn them and now everyone singing their praises because they make you look oh so good. Spanx is what we would call a do-over for those who may have let themselves go in years past. Sure the answer is exercise and healthy eating, but while doing that you may need a tighter mid-section when going out. Spanx does that for us by giving us a way to hide all that extra lovin. Fresh Pair is offering a discount where you will get $10 off for every $60 you spend. I found it a little confusing myself until I spent $180 and found my order coming out to a staggering $150. Yes you read that right, I got $30 off my order of $180. This is a very cool deal that ends September 30. To get the discount simply click on this link and use code EVER10 at checkout.

Frederick's of HollyWood $19.50 Each For Bra's 2 Or More!

Frederick's of Hollywood

Frederick’s of Hollywood is offering a great deal right now though it ends todays. They are offering Bras 2 or more for $19.50 each. This is a top deal because Frederick’s of Hollywood bras usually sell for upwards of $30. You’re really paying for the quality at this point. So when you see a deal like this you really will want to take advantage of it and get as many bras as possible. To get this discount, click this link.