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A New Trench and A Code for 25% off

A trench coat is essential for every fashion wardrobe. Only thing is, in recent years, trench coats have become entirely predictable. J Crew has flipped the script somewhat with this trench. With side vents, hidden shell buttons and drop sleeves, this isn’t your grandmother’s trench. It’s available at Jcrew for $248 (yes there are less expensive trenches out there, but none that look like this). Get it here.

D-Cuppers Rejoice! New Bra Uses Physics to Prevent Back Pain

Science has its uses. It’s brought us Viagra, mood altering drugs and now… a bra that will not hurt your back. Apparently that’s what KewiBra promises to do. Developed by a man, Muyiwa Olumide,  who is in the process of getting breast implants according to his Facebook page, I can’t believe I just typed that. This bra is so experimental, it’s not available yet (or won’t be until November 2014). So why am I featuring what looks like vaporwear so far? Well, the promise this bra holds is interesting. By placing all the weight on the fabric itself, the back is relieved of pressure caused by what’s up front.

And it’s none too cheap at $150 according to the site. Get more info here at Kewibra

Non-Stop at Steve Madden

Oh when Steve Madden shares the goodies, you know I have to share. This shoe, called the non-stop by his royal Maddenous is just wonderful. It’s also Thrifty at $99 for Spring. He’s also offering free shipping with code SMFREE50 at checkout. I will never let you pass up a deal like this. Click here to get the shoe.

Black Chanel Pleat Velvet Skirt at Shrimpton Couture

Some of Shrimpton Couture’s items and prices is not for the faint of heart. Indeed, the retailer has many single items that are priced above $400. But these are vintage pieces that you simply would not find anywhere else. I found this Black Chanel pleat velvet skirt at Shrimpton Couture and knew I had to have it. It’s is simply too beautiful to pass up at $250. A lot of Shrimpton Couture items are one of a kind though, so you’d do very well to purchase quickly.

Click here.

The Quirky Shoe Lover in You Has to Have This

You like wearing quirky, chic, shoes. You have personality. You have personality that not many may understand or get. That’s fine. No worries. I am the same way. So when I saw this on I immediately gravitated towards this shoe. They do have a variety of shoes in styles that range from outlandish to safely quirky. I saw the wingtip sneaker and had to have it. It’s one of the lowest cost shoes on the site (most of the products do tend to range on the higher side). But this is my pick at $64.

Click here to see it.

Out of Print is In!

Out of Print is for the literary aficionado in you. This clothing company has a ridiculous amount of shirts, accessories and jewelry that have all manner of literary sayings and images. Out of Print. I purchased the Alice in Wonderland tote you see here. They have many other items that range from A Clockwork Orange Tote, to Moby Dick T-shirts. Visit the site here and see my Alice in Wonderland tote here.

Blox Sun – Blocks the Sun and Looks Chic

If you’re like me and you burn relatively easy (can someone say ghost white)? Then this line of lighweight scarf and gloves is truly made for you. Blox Sun is a line of sun protective clothing that does exactly what it says. It blocks the sun using UPF 50+ stretch nylon blend. While not the lowest price scarf on the market, the protection it offers is invaluable. So this is definitely a Thriftychick pick! Visit the BloxSun page for more information on the line of scarves: link

Tunic Top at New York and Company

Oh the folks at New York and Company are a fun bunch. The Tunic Top you see here is an awesome pick if I do say so myself. The other girls at Thriftychick wholeheartedly agree (minus Olivia…but hey no one’s perfect). I picked this for two reasons, this goes with nearly ANY pair of jeans and we’re also getting a discount of nearly half off if the order goes over $125. If your order reaches $125 between now and July 18th you get a discount of $60. Click this link to get the tunic and use coupon code 6529 at checkout.

A Major 25% off Deal at Calvin Klein Underwear

How could you refuse a deal like this from Calvin Klein? Currently the retailer is offering a discount that gets you 25% off the underwear line. So imagine if you will being able to replace underwear that’s really had it. You can take your pick of bras, panties, tops, leggings. I purchased the top you see above and got my 25% off. I also purchased a bunch of bras that replaced a lot of the ones whose bands were on their last legs. Getting the discount is easy. Simply click this link and use code CKUFF10 at checkout.

The deal ends November 16, 2010

BCBGeneration bag for $69? And get $30 off any order of $150 or more at BlueFly

Oh yes Thriftychicks. This is what we’re all about. We love getting amazing discounts like this and splurging on highly fashionable items. Today we look at this BCBGeneration bag that is wowing us at Bluefly for an eye-popping $69. PETA folks need not worry, it’s not real snakeskin, it’s faux. More than that it’s sexy enough to be dressed up with anything that’s high end. No one will ever know the savings you achieved simply by shopping at Bluefly. The only snit is the deal ends at the end of the month, so you’ll have to jump in on it asap. To get the discount use coupon code AFF30 and click this link.

Wool Short Trench for 25% off at Banana Republic

Check your pulse if you’re having a problem understanding why this coat is so amazing. If your heart doesn’t leap at this discount from Banana Republic you may actually not be alive. I visited the Banana Republic website this morning when I saw they were having a sale that ends on October 17th and immediately became fixated on this coat. I ended up realizing that with this coat and several other items I saved nearly $100 compared to if I were to purchase before or after the sale happens. With the Fall/Winter season coming along (it’s kind of cold in New York today) you can only hope you get this coat before the sale ends. To get the discount use code BREMAIL25 at checkout after clicking this link.

Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes for 15% off and Free Shipping

If there’s one thing that I absolutely love it’s shoes. Most Thriftychick’s feel the same way and so when there’s a discount on shoes we rush for that. Currently is offering an eye-opening 15% off and free shipping with some exclusions. For the most part almost everything in the store is on sale so I picked it up the shoes you see above for the fall. New York City autumns begs for shoes like this. The free shipping alone is worth the price of admission but getting the 15% off discount is fantastic. Get the discount by clicking this link and using code at checkout.

This discount ends November 30, 2010.

Racerback Stretch Jersey Dress 25% off entire order at Ralph Lauren and a Good Cause

I am officially in love with all things Ralph Lauren. The company recently started the Pink Pony campaign giving us 25% off purchases and also ended up benefiting a great cause. Let’s start with the cause, the Ralph Lauren website states that:
With a focus on breast cancer, Pink Pony supports programs for early diagnosis, education, treatment and research and is dedicated to bringing patient navigation and quality cancer care to medically underserved communities. Ten percent of proceeds from Pink Pony products benefits the Pink Pony Fund.

This means anything you purchase from the Pink Pony product line immediately goes to the Pink Pony fund, which in turn helps fund cancer research. This is a great thing, because I picked out at least 5 items for sale on the site that I would purchase in a heartbeat. This though has got to be a the must have of the week. Currently this Racerback Stretch Jersey dress is selling for $198 before the 25% off discount. You end up saving so much and helping so much with just a purchase. Getting this discount is simple. Use code GIVE2010 at checkout after clicking this link.

Hanes Tights for the Fall for Less

Ok so Hanes tights are not exactly designer, but they look as if they are and they’re probably more comfortable. Hanes Silk Reflections and practically everything on the Hanes site is on sale with a 15% discount and then free shipping is tacked on if your order reaches $70 or more. This is a very Thrifty deal when looking at what Hanes has on the site. My pickup was this control top tight in gray plaid. Once that cold weather starts you’re left with colder legs unless you get a pair of tights that speaks to your sense of style. Hanes entire line of tights will have everyone thinking you spent a boatload when in reality you got the discount from us. Get the discount on your order by using code 612338 and clicking this link.

Ann Taylor Loft sez 25% off your order over $100

Excuse me for being walloped with a good deal, but Ann Taylor Loft is infamous for making these coupon deals that are just so irresistible. No one really comes close when it comes to contemporary-wear. So this morning when I looked up my daily coupon list, I found this ridiculously awesome deal at Ann Taylor. I then proceeded to shop until reached that $100 limit (a girl’s on a budget you know). Once I got there I was able to take 25% off my order and literally save. What I really wanted was this heavy wool skirt. This past winter was a doozy, so match this up with dark tights and a good set of clunky shoes (my favorites) and I am good to go. The skirt is $69 and add a top to the order for an entire outfit. If the order hits over $100 you will get your discount of 25%. This is a easy peasy, no brainer deal.

To get it, click this link and use code 25SEPTAF at checkout. The deal ends October 5, 2010.

Spanx for $36 and a $10 discount at Fresh Pair on orders over $60

Oprah has recommended these things. I’ve worn them and now everyone singing their praises because they make you look oh so good. Spanx is what we would call a do-over for those who may have let themselves go in years past. Sure the answer is exercise and healthy eating, but while doing that you may need a tighter mid-section when going out. Spanx does that for us by giving us a way to hide all that extra lovin. Fresh Pair is offering a discount where you will get $10 off for every $60 you spend. I found it a little confusing myself until I spent $180 and found my order coming out to a staggering $150. Yes you read that right, I got $30 off my order of $180. This is a very cool deal that ends September 30. To get the discount simply click on this link and use code EVER10 at checkout.

Throwing Caution to the Wind – Wilson’s Leather Discount 15% Off Your Order Of $100 Or More!

This is an adventurous jacket. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. But when you wear three quarter length jacket with pronounced curves around the edges, you’re making a fashion statement that you are a fashion progressive. I’m highlighting this jacket today because with fall fast approaching, this is a great reason to get a jacket that makes you look fabulous. Currently the jacket is available for $144, but that doesn’t take into account the discount you get. Wilson’s is currently offering 15% off all orders over $100. No matter what the price over $100 you get a discount. The more you spend, the more you save. The offer ends September 19, 2010. Click this link to get the discount and use coupon code at checkout 6717S.

Delias Toggle coat with a 25% discount

Fall is fast approaching and though I enjoy the warm weather of summer, I look forward to the cooler weather, changing leaves and all new styles. With this in mind I’m happy to bring you the first major deal of the season. It comes from the retailer Delias. Currently the store has a discount running where you will get 25% off any order over $75. This helps greatly with the toggle coat you see above, as the price for the coat weighs in at a nice $89.50, take your 25% discount and now you have something worth buying. But what really makes this discount great is that you get it off the entire order. So the more you spend the more you save. Ready to get it? Click this link and use code 20DEL75 at checkout.

Chiffon Sheath Dress at Ann Taylor is a Steal and There’s a Discount TOO!!

Never the one to put up a pick without including a special deal, I combed the internets for something that elicited a strong response and came up with this dress and deal from Ann Taylor Loft. Currently the retailer is having a sale where you, me, US can get 25% off of orders of $125 or more. This absolutely amazing deal lends itself to a variety of outfit combinations, shoes, accessories and more. What I really love is that you get the style from Ann Taylor loft that keeps us shopping for more (and sometimes wondering why our funds are low).

I picked out this Chiffon Trim Pocket Sheath dress because it is slimming, it is sexy (without being tawdry), and completely functional (pockets give you a place to rest your weary hands, stylishly of course). The dress is selling at Ann Taylor Loft for $79.50 so you might have to pick up another item or two to get the 25% off discount, but that’s a good thing, it means more shopping.

Get the deal by clicking this link and using code AUGUSTAFF25 at checkout. The deal ends September 5th, 2010

If Your Pulse Doesn’t Race When you See these Banana Republic Flats Check Your Vital Signs…

…because you may not be alive chicks. These classic round toe metallic flats are simply too beautiful to ignore. You can dress these flats up with practically anything. I’m talking about wearing these puppies with jeans, skirts (empire, a-line, mod, you name it) and any other piece of fashion that will get you looking beautiful throughout the summer and into the fall. The metallic color also makes this something stylish enough that will have your girlfriends saying “where did you get those shoes?!?!” Banana Republic is currently having a discount for the next three days. The first day is the biggest discount. It goes something like this:

Get 30% off any Banana Republic purchase thru July 7th, 25% off thru July 8th, and 20% off thru July 9th. Enter the Banana Republic promo code BRJULY at checkout. Click this link to get the discount.

The deal ends July 9, 2010.

40% off Your Order at The Limited and this Braided Belt Romper is a Perfect Place to Start!

Not everyone can make a shoulderless outfit work. Though many may try, it’s just not a one size fits all type of situation. This braided belt romper at the limited comes close primarily because of the loose waist that can be tightened with the braided belt. It’s just enough of a great fit to make anyone enjoy beautiful style. The Limited is having a sale that gets you this braided belt romper at $79.50 (but that’s before you take 40% off your order).

Get the 40% off by using this coupon code (399). The discount ends July 3, 2010. You can also click this link to activate the deal.

BCBG Max Azria and Nearly Everything at Bluefly Extra 15% off

One of my favorite retailers, Bluefly, is having a major league sale and giving us a discount of an additional 15% off already marked down items. This wouldn’t be such a big deal, hey, at Thriftychick we get major deals and coupons in everyday, but I purchased these BCBG Max Azria shoes with the 15% discount. And they have an entire page of designer items that are drastically marked down – FROM THIS SEASON. Can. You. Say. HUGE?

So the deal is you get 15% off until tomorrow. Take advantage and buy something right now before you miss out on the deal. To get the discount simply click this link and shop to your heart’s content.

25% off this top and EVERYTHING at Reebok plus Free Shipping

I love when you get a major sale from a major apparel company. I say this because discounts come few and far between when it comes to apparel and fitness companies like Reebok. When I saw this discount I stacked up and spent way more than I wanted to, but still came out ahead in the grand scheme of this. I purchased this on the move tank (above). I also purchased new running shoes and a fitness bra. I also got some sandals for when I am in the shower in the gym all in all not a bad discount shopping day.

The discount is simple. Purchase anything at the Reebok store between now and July 4, 2010 and you will get 25% off your order and you’ll also get free shipping. See! deals like this do not come often. Click this link to get it and use coupon code SUMMER25 at checkout.

Look Different and Fashion Forward in these Anne Klein Wedges 10% off at Shoebuy

You can never have enough pair of shoes for the summer. This moreso the case when retailers start giving out discounts of 10% off your entire shoe order. These Anne Klein Sweetheart wedge sandals with t-strap embellishment at front vamp is a prime example of what’s stylish this season. has these wonderful sandals for $68.95 and that’s not including the 10% discount, so you end up saving the more you buy.

Get the discount by using code KEYCODEJULY410 or clicking this link.

The deal ends July 11, 2010.

These Capris and all Lee Jeans 50% off Today Only.

Holy MOSES…I picked up these Lee Capris for $21!!! I was so excited because I was looking for a pair of Capris that fit just right. Today i’m looking online at some of the recent deals coming in from retailers and found out that Lee Jeans is having a deal where you get 50% off everything in the store. This is one of the biggest discounts we’ve had in denim in awhile. The only catch is this discount ends today… so share it with a friend, tell a family member get your sale on, right. now.

Get the discount by clicking this link.

A Beautiful Espirit Blouse at 40% off and Just About Everything Else

Espirit just made my weekend that much more pleasant. This is just the blouse i’ve been looking for. It goes well with denim, cargos or just about any pencil skirt, you’re also apt to get more than one look (if not a furtive glance). Wear a white tanktop underneath or go risque and wear nada and you’ll still look good. I highlight with this though because I love. Espirit gives you 40% off… that’s right… a whopping 40% off on merchandise. The only snit is that this particular blouse is low in stock so you’ll definitely want to pick this up soon.

Get the discount by using code E2PFQQG3 at checkout or by clicking this link.