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January 2005

Paper Chick

I must have this!

I must have this! I fell deeply in love with Frida Kalho after watching a PBS special one

lonely Saturday night. That night at my deepest depth of self pity, watching Frida face an

innumerable amount of personal tragedies with hope, confidence and grace gave me all new

answers and focus. I found through all her personal tragedies she never tried to make the

bad things that happen in life go away, but dug in deep to face each one, reminding you of

the inhuman strength women posses.

Frida Kahlo-Never Forget You is a

compilation of letters written by and to her, famous portraits, pictures of dear friends and

her pet eagle (yes…I meant to say pet eagle). can

possibly part with a copy for you for about $24.95. This book is just so beautiful I

want to touch it! Not in a freaky way or anything…just trying to get my point across…about

how much I like it…like you touch stuff when you like it…like…never mind.



Fashion Chick

I’ve been sleeping a lot lately.

I’ve been sleeping a lot lately. No, no its ok nothings wrong…well…it’s just that it’s been

so dull around thriftyville lately and I’m a little uninspired. It’s not a lack of good

stuff; it’s just that blah time before you feel it’s permissible to start buying all the new

spring goodies the stores are stocking. Until said time I will just stay in and wrap myself

in the best robe man has ever made, like a protest, a sleep in if I may.

(Here is

the pitch) Named the Oprah robe, because she was the first to sing its praises,

you’ll find the robe as soft as cashmere and comforting as your childhood woobie. I, the

origin of the nap, love to cuddle up and sleep, and sleep, and sleep, in this wonder of the

world. has your

all natural sleep aid available for $84.94 the current on sale price. Just a

warning; when worn may cause severe drowsiness and a addiction to luxury so use as



Paper Chick

In my ever ongoing quest to avoid exercise I decided to work out another part of the body

In my ever ongoing quest to avoid exercise I decided to work out another part of the body, my mind. A book on fashion would suffice but I decided relationship theories, be it fact or fiction, were more the urge. That’s when I noticed a question I always ask my significant staring at me from the book shelf.

Leanne Shapton’s, “Was She Pretty?” is the story of Kim, her insecurities and jealousy, something everyone can relate to. To give anymore would be giving the book away, however don’t buy “Was She Pretty?” if your not ready to take a real good look at yourself. Order your copy through Barnes & for $16.00 saving you 20% when bought online. Just as a heads up, tomorrows pick will be tissue…your gonna need it. Cheers

Must Haves

Visa’s gift card

Visa’s gift card is for that extra special person, whom you can absolutely,

positively, definitely, unquestionably, surely, truly, decidedly, actually, really, and

categorically find nothing for! You never want to be brash and give cash (yeah that rhymes).

But just when you think this person likes an item or a store, they suddenly hate it, and

you’re once again at a loss.

Make it easy on yourself and head over to, or your local bank and get them the gift

that keeps on giving. NO…not that…the Visa gift card, remember! Cheers


Must Haves

This is for all the Target

This is for all the Target sluts like me. Of course it was going to make it on the best gift card list! Your there anyway….O’ don’t lie; why not pick up a few? Bedside, you feel all guilty because you bought all these gifts for your pals, then when you got home, you keep them for yourself.

So keep the loot and throw them some Target cash…card…you know what I mean. The amount is at your discrepancy, or at the mercy of the way they acted the last time you went out with them (be kind…tis the season). Available at all Target stores and Target online. Nooooo…you can’t keep it. Cheers


Must Haves

…And the Grinch

…And the Grinch , with his Grinch feet ice cold in the snow. Stood puzzling and puzzling:

“How could it be so?
It came without ribbons!
It came without tags!
It came without packages, boxes, or bags!”
And he puzzled three hours, till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something

he hadn’t before. “Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store.”


Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”-Dr Seuss

From the all the staffers at Thriftychick; “May you and yours have a joyous (with a side of

uproarious) holiday!” CHEERS


*excerpt from How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr Seuss

Must Haves

Its crunch time people!

Its crunch time people! So you waited till the last minute….you puttz. But let’s not get

ugly; you feel bad as it is, and you still have to shop. Unfortunately, there is more bad

news…there is nothing left. No, no…no tears, I have you covered and it will look like you

knew what you were doing the whole time. The gift card, long thought to be the ultimate cop

out, has transformed into the “please just get me a gift card, so I can get what I really

want!” well received gift. Thriftychicks last minute gift card guide (We love a guide

here…don’t we!) starts now!

First up Apple’s iTunes; available through in denominations of

$15, $25, and $50 are good toward any purchase in the iTunes store. You can

also send a gift cert. via email. Be sure to let the recipient know something is

coming from you so that email won’t be accidentally deleted. Cheers


Must Haves


Starbucks…need I say more? People kill for these gift cards. They can be purchased at any denomination and with different designs. Go in store or Starbucks online to put a friend in your debt for the next year. And just think, they’ll be thinking of you, because you thought of them and their love of the java. Cheers


Fashion Chick

Don’t be scared.

Don’t be scared. This dress is for a special girl with a special eye. This girl loves to be

noticed and always leaves with the hottest guy. Why? Because she has the balls to wear what

she likes. So, if you like…do it….and let the black and beige dress clad plain Janes bask in

the light of your flames.

Where? for $62.00.