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November 2005

Must Haves

Want to make your little black dress even sexier?

Want to make your little black dress even sexier? Sometimes covering up can be more suggestive than bare skin. This embellished wrap is just sheer enough to make it evocative while also office-party appropriate. The ethereal texture is dressier than a regular pashmina or even cashmere wrap. The sequin embellishment is especially trendy this season, but subtle enough that it will be wearable for years to come. The only problem will be choosing the color – available in turquoise, pink, white and black, on sale for $24.99 from the Gap.


Must Haves

$1600 for a Balenciaga Motorcycle bag?

$1600 for a Balenciaga Motorcycle bag? Ehh.
$49.99 for a well-made imitation? Now those zippers and tassles are looking pretty cute. Aldo’s “Snow” handbag may be synthetic, but the unmistakable style is authentic. Get it in brown, red, black or even pink (for $10 off). Make it your daytime tote – it”s much more adventurous than a briefcase.

Must Haves

If wearing a dress shirt under a v-neck sweater is a little too prepster for your style

If wearing a dress shirt under a v-neck sweater is a little too prepster for your style, or you simply need a basic but stylish long-sleeve tee, American Apparel’s Sheer Rib Long Sleeve Scoop Neck is a “solid” choice (yes, that was an attempt at a pun). Winter necklines have plunged for sweaters, cardigans, wraps, etc. and so you need an undershirt that will compliment these lower necklines. A crewneck would look like it’s choking you when worn underneath a low cut sweater.

It is important to invest in basics, so you will have more free cash for all those trends that you can’t help but follow, and American Apparel makes clothing that will last practically forever. It’s $32 and available in eight colors.


Beauty Chick

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria”s Secret is offering a free “Supermodel Tote” (code: TOTE) with any purchase over $50 . The tote is valued at $75 and includes: Dream Angels Heavenly 0.25oz spray, Dream Angels Heavenly 2oz. Angel Touch lotion, Sweet Talk shimmering lip gloss in strawberry, and Body by Victoria Hand and Cuticle cream. This offer is only for today and while supplies last.

Victoria”s Secret”s Dream Angels perfume in Heavenly has won multiple fragrance awards and it smells…well…dreamy. Spray it on for a light layer of softly delicate fragrance with notes of white peony and white musk. The large bottle (4.2oz, $59) will qualify you for the Supermodel Tote (with products that compliment the fragrance).

-Ali </strong


Strategies for Shopping After-Thanksgiving Sales

Thanksgiving is about much more than turkey and football games, it is also about the retail industry’s chance to remain a functioning part of the economy by the sales-driven shopping day called Black Friday (deemed so because it takes retailers our of “the red”, i.e. debt, and into “the black”, i.e. profits).

Here are some Black Friday shopping tips to maximize your 7am shopping trip.

1. Make a list (and check it twice).
As with any major shopping excursion, assess what you need (and want) by actually spending a few minutes looking over your wardrobe. It is so easy to get caught up in sales and end up buying things that are cute or “great deals”, but not what you need (like buying three more sweaters when you have a closet full of them but only two pairs of dress pants). If you go out with a list, you will better be able to hit the stores you need first, and prioritize your day before you get hit with shopper’s fatigue.

2. Set your alarm clock.
Many stores offer special promotions to lure you into their shops in the early morning (before you blow your budget on something else or are too tired to step foot in one more store). Many offer a discount that coincides with a specific timeframe (such as “get an extra 20% before 10am”). Therefore, take a quick power walk around the mall when you first get there and note which stores offer such a deal and make sure to get to them before the special sale is over (and everything has been picked through). Don’t let an extra hour of sleep come between you and a sold-out item.

3. Prioritize.
Know what you want before you and where you need to go to get it. If there are must-have items on your list, get them first, and save browsing for last. This will keep you on-task and help avoid the temptations of unnecessary purchases (though if you see something you love, now is the time to treat yourself).

4. Buy the brands you know…
…or at least have heard of…or you have a personal recommendation (blogger recommendations count) about… because if you’ve never heard of the brand, you won’t be able to gauge whether or not you are getting a real deal. The more familiar you are with the brand of the product, the more you will be able to know if the product wouldn’t normally go on sale (at least, not on sale for that much percentage off).

5. Most of all, have fun and don’t fret.
Stores do restock their shelves and racks, so even if you miss out on something this time around, the opportunity will come again. Remember to LOVE the item exactly AS IT IS– not if it were just another color, or size, or sleeveless or shorter, or some other kind of alteration. If you don’t love it as it is, wait for something that you do love, even if it means spending four hours at the mall and walking out without any shopping bags. Don’t settle for something because it is “on sale” – would you rather have three $30 so-so tops or one $90 top that gives you a tingly feeling every time you see it?

And please, don’t be one of those people who trample over the sales staff when the doors open, because that’s just wrong.


Must Haves

This quilted down Stowe short jacket

This quilted down Stowe short jacket from Marc New York is water resistant on the outside to shield you from rain, sleet and snow, and filled with micro fiber down on the inside to keep you warm, cozy and comfortable. The contour makes it work so well as a down jacket—the large patchwork provides an actual layer of warmth (tiny patches don’t leave enough room for a true down layer) and the fitted cut on the sides keeps it from puffing out too much (the marshmallow look is never in).

On sale at Bluefly for $108. Available in chocolate brown, black and olive. Enter FrShip1 at checkout to get free shipping.