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March 2006


If Only It Were Difficult to Spend $300 at BCBG

BCBG Max Azria is offering a printable gift card of $100, valid for any purchase over $300 through April 4th.

Too bad I already splurged at BCBG Max Azria in January for my favorite spring skirt. I’d gone into the Soho store to raid the winter sales racks, and while waiting for a dressing room to become available, was lured into browsing the new spring arrivals, which I would say was a mistake, except that I am in love with that skirt.


To Wait or Not to Wait for Something to Go on Sale

Last December, while shopping for the perfect holiday party outfit, I encountered a skirt at Anthropolgie that as soon as I saw it, I literally gasped in adoration. It was perfect. It was also $288 (which is not affordable for me). I resigned myself to live without it, sure that it would be snatched up before ever going on sale. Sure enough, it disappeared from the store within a week.

As I was browsing the new sale items at Anthropologie, lo and behold, the skirt! At first I was disheartened, they didn’t have it in my size (as expected), but then I looked through the dropdown menu of the sizes available and voila! one size larger than my normal size, but in petite, which effectively makes it my size. For $74.95!

Despite being impractical (well, not really, there will be more holiday parties to go to) and that I will need to buy something to wear with it (which I would have to do anyway), I had promised myself that if it ever went on sale, I would snag it.

If you really love something and it is affordable at full price, don’t wait for it to go on sale, because chances are, if it is that wonderful, it won’t (two dresses I’ve been eyeing at Anthro have sold out in my size at full price this month, and now I wish I’d splurged). But if it is out of your reach, keep an eye out, and you may just be able to get it.


Promotional E-mail Digest, Thriftychick

Promotional Email Digest, Thurs 3.30.06

Sales and Promotions:

  • Free Shipping on any purchase (code: Classic) and new classic coordinates for lips and tips at M.A.C
  • Exclusive preview – Up to 70% off sleepwear at figleaves
  • Spring sale continues at west elm
  • Spring Sale up to 50% off – in stores now at Express
  • Last 4 days of VIP Savings Event at Lord & Taylor
  • Last chance for free shipping with your shoe purchase at Nordstrom

  • New Arrivals and Featured Items:

  • Gladiator sandals from top designers at Neiman Marcus
  • Swimwear at YOOX
  • New from Susana Monaco, Tracey Ross & Anna Corinna at
  • New handbags at Kenneth Cole
  • New Arrivals at Ann Taylor Loft
  • Introducing Rebecca Taylor at Pink Mascara
  • Keds at BCBG Max Azria
  • Everything Prada at Bluefly
  • Check out Today’s Pick at ThriftyChick.

    Must Haves

    Conspiracy Eight

    Conspiracy Eight is clearing out its warehouse by selling their high-end knitwear, which is sold in designer boutiques across the nation, at wholesale prices. The design concept is super-soft knitwear that flatters the body, as exemplified in this supima cotton crepe Gretta Dress.

    Throw on this little number by itself for a flirty daytime spring look, or dress it up with a funky belt or an extra-long necklace for those summer nights.

    The warehouse sale slashes the price by over two-thirds from $156 to $50, available in turquoise, coral or white.

    Note: Although not posted on the website, C8’s return policy is “We will gladly issue a refund for all returns that are received within 14 days of the shipping date. Please be advised that any returns received after this time will be charged a 50% restocking fee.” Never buy something without finding out the return policy. Ever.

    Gourmet Chick

    You’ve attempted the perfect homemade chocolate chips cookies

    You’ve attempted the perfect homemade chocolate chips cookies, made from your grandma’s secret recipe (which just so happens to be the same as the one on the Toll House bag). Now all you need to do is bake them. Simple, right? Preheat the oven, place the cookies on a baking sheet and take them out as soon as the timer goes off in exactly 13 minutes. But when they come out of the oven, they are either burned around the edges or, no matter how gently you wield your spatula, leave their gooey insides stuck to the sheet. Matfer Exopat Nonstick Baking/Roasting Sheet is the solution to this baking (or roasting) dilemma. Its slippery silicone surface withstands heat up to 580°, promotes even browning without burning, and makes cookies effortlessly slide off the sheet. On sale at Amazon for 52% off, for just $9.99.

    Shopping Guides

    ThriftyChick Guide to Spring Looks, Part I

    You want to look stylish this spring, but don’t want to be a hopeless fashion victim or desperate trend-chaser. ThriftyChick has the ultimate guide to spring looks that transcend passing fads. Use this guide to shop with confidence in the knowledge that these styles aren’t simply a blip on the fashion scene.

    The Look: Belted Waist

    The Runway:

    One of the most pervasive trends on the fall 2006 runways was the belted waist, a carryover from the spring runway styles of St. John, Bill Blass, Fendi, and countless others.

    How to wear it:

    Wear the belts high or low, whichever your prefer, just not in your actual belt loops. Place it either around the skinniest part of the waist with a fitted shirt or silhouette dress, or around the hips with a long tunic shirt. A prominent belt adds visual definition to any outfit, transforming a tired look with into something completely new. Either go really wide or skinny for the belt itself: wide is best for a cinched-waist look, skinny for something that falls along the hips. Miniature or multiple buckles, studs (carried over from last fall), and weaving are all prominent features this spring (and next fall).

    ThriftyChick Recommends:

    Linked leather tie belt (top left), on sale for $34.99, Banana Republic; Double-plaited leather tie belt (bottom left), $38, Banana Republic; Leather Belt (center), $59, Club Monaco; Hip Belt (top right), $10.80, Forever 21; Studded Faux Leather Belt (bottom right), $10.80, Forever 21

    The Look: Bubbled Hem

    The Runway:

    The bubbled hem was featured for both day and eveningwear on the runway at BCBG Max Azria, Zac Posen and Jean Paul Gaultier.

    How to wear it:

    Bubbled hems give volume to silhouette and empire waist dresses, which are worn easily and effortlessly with flats or heels. Bubbled skirts should be paired with fitted shirts that are snug at the waist and fall just at the hip. A top with a bubbled hem is the most inventive of the bubble choices, but also the riskiest—wear it with pants that hug the waist to avoid looking pear-shaped.

    ThriftyChick Recommends: Diane von Furstenberg Black Satin Pleated Bubble Skirt (left), $147, Bluefly; Shameless Bubble Tunic Dress (center), $48, Nordstrom; Nicolas Halter (right), $64, Guess

    The Look: Brocade

    The Runway:

    Tracy Reese, Carolina Herrera and Balenciaga all splashed brocade onto the runway.

    How to wear it:

    The key to wearing brocade is restraint. One clothing item or accessory in an entire ensemble can add a touch of the old world without looking like a 17th century armchair. To be safe, coordinate brocade with subdued solids, and wear lightweight fabric to counterbalance the heavy brocade. If you are really smitten by the baroque period, you can pair it with a white ruffled blouse.

    ThriftyChick Recommends:

    BCBGirls Dolex Pump (left), on sale for $72.90, Nordstrom; David Meister Plum Gold Brocade Strapless Dress (center), on sale for $174.99, Bluefly; Golden Brocade Skirt (right), available in store, Anthropologie

    The Look: Kimono Interpretation

    The Runway:

    The traditional kimono inspired runway looks for Lanvin, Anna Sui and Kara Saun (fall line).

    How to wear it:

    The Asian infatuation continues with this distinctive look that is versatile, but has common elements—flared sleeves, an obi-like tie or sash around a high waist, and a wrapped affect—mirroring the traditional Japanese kimono. The modern interpretation can be worn as a dress or top, in either in a solid jersey (for a more subtle look) or colorfully printed silk (for a more direct Asian connotation). The sleeves can be short or long, and the obi can be a thick band, a thin sash, or another creative version.

    ThriftyChick Recommends:

    Zen Wrap (left), on sale for $49.95, Anthropologie; Velvet Torch V-Neck Tie Back Dress (right), $78, Nordstrom

    The Look: Nautical Style

    The Runway:

    Luella, Ralph Lauren and L.A.M.B. all treated the nautical look with a causal, modernized approach.

    How to wear it:

    Nautical is an easy trend that cycles into the fashion scene frequently, and many of the nautical elements—stripes, navy and white—can be worn in a non-nautical context, so it would be worth investing in the look if you come across an item you love. Wear nautical casually to offset the inherent preppiness of the look by dressing it down with jeans, slouchy/loose clothing, or flat shoes. Nautical blazers (which will still be in for fall), striped tops, white pants and rounded buttons all make a nautical statement.

    ThriftyChick Recommends:

    Navy Blazer (top left), available in-store, United Colors
    of Benetton; BCBG Max Azria Nola Sandal (bottom left), $275, Nordstrom; Navy Vest (center) $34.90, H&M; Striped Layered Top (right), $15.80, Forever 21

    Promotional E-mail Digest, Thriftychick

    Promotional Email Digest, Wed 3.29.06

    Sales and Promotions:

  • Bedding Blowout at Overstock
  • Only 2 days left for an additional 25% off all Clearance (code: 25OFF) at delia*s
  • New Arrivals and Featured Items:

  • Must have summer heels at Forzieri
  • Spring Coats at Bluefly
  • introducing “flatiron” in kate’s favorite new shapes at kate spade
  • star accessories at Anthropologie
  • Exclusive spring preview at J. Crew
  • Introducing J Brand 910 at Intermix
  • Check out Today’s Pick at ThriftyChick.

    Must Haves

    It’s sale time at Banana Republic

    It’s sale time at Banana Republic, providing the ideal opportunity to fill any gaps in the basics section of your closet with its high-quality, classic clothing. Need to transition from winter wool pants to something more lightweight? These stretch cotton Extended-Tab City Chinos casually sit low on the waist, but are also smartly tailored for a refined finish. On sale for $59.99</b, available in Crème de la Crème, Black, Sappling, and Mexican Coffee.