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Must Haves

It feels like everyone is wearing the same thing

It feels like everyone is wearing the same thing, or slight variations thereof … same labels, same stores, same regurgitated trends. As an adamant individualist, what are you to do? Migrate to a climate of originality. Indie Shopper is based on the philosophy of independence—in design, in style, in life. Featuring emerging independent designer labels, the online boutique allows you to shop the unique looks of an array of hip collections from all over the country. Designer style at a fraction of the price: instead of $230 Dior sunglasses, don the oversized Reluxe glasses from Soda for $63; instead of a $500 kate spade handbag, get a cutesie Bird Bag from Alissa Smith for $50; instead of a $2,000 dress from Nina Ricci, get this Paris nightie dress from Pomme for $132—you get the drift.

Promotional E-mail Digest, Thriftychick

Promotional Email Digest, Tues 5.30.06

Didn’t get your shopping fix over Memorial Day weekend? We’ve got you covered…

Sales and Promotions:

  • Extra 20% off sale prices on swimwear, code: XTRA at Victoria’s Secret (through June 2)… put their patented push-up technology to bikini-baring use
  • Today only: extra 15% off swim: Shoshanna, DKNY, Emilio Pucci, Vix, Inca, etc. at Blueflymore swimwear, more excuses to skip out of the office early to tan on the roofdeck
  • Clearance preview– shoes $9.99 and up at Alloyremarkably similar to the footwear offerings from Urban Outfitters
  • Printable savings passes for Lord and Tayloroh, department stores, so determined to not let boutiques erode their customer base
  • New Arrivals and Featured Items:

  • Pre-order Robert Rodriguez’s fall collection at Neiman Marcus… while you can’t even decide what you’ll have for dinner tonight, some decisions are easily made in advance
  • Summer trends from InStyle(?) and the Gapyou can buy out the editors of Instyle, but you aren’t fooling anyone, Gap
  • Check out the Chick Pick at ThriftyChick.

    Must Haves

    Memorial Day weekend is upon us

    Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and while department stores are makring their clearance an extra 30% off, their sale items have already been sufficiently picked over, and you aren’t going to sacrifice your weekend in the sun to spend hours dissecting the sales racks at Neimans. Instead, visit lesser-known online boutique, such as Active Endeavors, which offers your favorite brands and styles, and will still actually have them in your size. Our sale picks: two buckle leather belt ($117 from $167)—such a cool variation on double buckle belts; perforated suede shrug ($65 from $130)—a little western without being cowboy; and Lynne Larson’s dress sand in blue ($133 from $190)—the roped neck ties are a great addition to the empire waist dress.

    Promotional E-mail Digest, Thriftychick

    Promotional Email Digest Thurs 5.24.06

    Oh, Memorial Day, shop the sales ahead of time so you won’t waste your weekend indoors and in stores…

    Sales and Promotions:

  • 40% Off Pre-summer sale at Intermixbe designer-clad for less
  • Semi-annual tag sale at Anthropologiebe ultra-femme for less
  • Sale at Urban Outfittersbe hip for less
  • 30% off chinos at J. Crewbe preppy for less
  • Free shipping for sale items at Espritbe pseudo-French for less

  • New Arrivals and Featured Items:

  • New designer: Pyrus at Lisy B.I am in love with the marine eyelet tie top-anyone wanna buy it for me?
  • Just in: Ingwa Melero & Jeanne Nicole on Girlshopwho knew an empire waist could be so inventive?
  • Safari styles by Cavalli, Ghibli, etc. at Forzieri footwear is meant to be wild
  • Patent leather shoe styles at Aldowhen applied to peep toes, patent leather looks less hooker-ish than you’d think
  • Skinny jeans at Bloomingdalesalthough apparently Rachel Zoe is over them
  • Ralph Lauren online trunk show: reserve fall 2006 looks now at… fall?!?!, i’m still updating my summer looks
  • New arrivals: Tracy Reese, Plenty, Twelfth Street at Pink Mascarathe go-to girls
  • Extra-large bags from Neiman Marcussupersize me!
  • Check out Today’s Pick at ThriftyChick.

    Must Haves

    By day

    By day, you want your handbag like your fries: supersized. You lug around your entire life in a huge tote slung over your shoulder, and will surely pay for it later in visits to an orthopedic doctor. But by night, you are a minimalist—you pare down your possessions to the bare essentials, opting for a small, hand-held clutch to carry them. While you want your clutch to have something extra to stand out (compared to your large bag, which is hard to miss), you don’t want something covered in beads or sequins. TrendyGal offers hand sewn clutches made from natural horn, which is eye-catchingly elegant rather than theatrically tacky. The brown tortoise shell clutch, black polka dot natural shell clutch (with mother-of-pearl inlay), and rectangular amber natural horn handbag may just have you trying to squeeze your daytime routine into the confines of their silk lining. Each is $42 from TrendyGal.


    Sporty savings


    Don’t let the name of the “Sport and Trail Shoe” sale going on at scare you off. I was expecting lots of ugly brown hiking shoes … and there are some, but there are also a lot of colorful, cute sneakers and sandals.

    At 70% off, I’m willing to take a look. How about you?

    (Shown above, Polo Sport Women’s Next 67 Mule, normally $80, down to $40. Sizes and colors go quickly on this site, so hurry!)


    ThriftyChick Redesign: It’s Getting Personal

    I am very excited to announce the redesign of ThriftyChick, and explain some of the new features. This redesign is somewhat long overdue–but we think it was well worth the wait!

    1. Personalized Picks. Do you ever read a Chick Pick and think to yourself, “Ooh, I should make note of that jewelry boutique so I can shop there for my next evening soirée,” but then it slips your mind, or you don’t want to dig through the ThriftyChick archives to find it again? Well, now you can save picks and have your own personalized picks page with free registration—you can come back to your picks anytime, and delete or (for you indecisive shoppers) put them “on hold” to completely customize ThriftyChick to your preferences.

    2. Chick Picks. Starting this week, we are going to feature Chick Picks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and update the Promotional Email Digest (on Papierblog) on Tuesday and Thursday. This consolidates our savvy shopping coverage, making things a bit more manageable for both our loyal readers and our tireless editors. Plus, we plan to supplement this with more ThriftyChick editorial coverage on the blog and in the shopping guides.

    3. Isn’t it Lovely? One of the best new features about ThriftyChick is its new streamlined visual design. Now it is easier to immediately navigate to find the same great features: shopping guides, sample sale listings, key codes, exclusive deals via the shop directory, etc.

    4. Easier Access. Instead of the chick pick categories of old, our chick picks section now features the last five picks—on into infinity. So if you don’t come by the site for a day or two, or you go on three month hiatus to the bush of Africa on a quest to find yourself, you can come back and catch up on what you missed.

    5. Exclusive Blog Content. Click the button for “The Blog” and it will take you to just the blog posts tagged specifically for ThriftyChick, in case (for some unexplainable reason) you don’t want to sift through all the other informative content on Papierblog.

    Also, I would like to reiterate that ThriftyChick does not post affiliate links inside any editorial content. There are other online shopping sites that do this, and thus they make money off their editorial referrals. Throughout all of Papierdoll, we refuse to compromise our editorial content with affiliate links because we believe it is disingenuous and even deceitful to our readers. When we rave about something, it’s because we genuinely think its worth getting, not because we will make money off your purchase.

    Stay savvy & stylish,
    Ali Manning │ managing editor

    Must Haves

    It is your tendency not to buy things in sets

    It is your tendency not to buy things in sets, for several reasons. First, you don’t like to over-coordinate—perfectly matching doesn’t mesh with your avant-garde style.

    Second, your thrifty nature makes you somewhat of a magpie—as soon as something catches your eye and is reasonably priced, you buy it immediately and figure out what to wear it with later (though somehow, because of your own rigorous sense of personal style, it all blends together).

    Pearl Strings’ online jewelry boutique features items so chic, well-made and affordable, you won’t be able to resist buying an entire set, especially with ThriftyChick’s exclusive 20% off deal (enter code: “thriftychick” at checkout).

    Try something like the grey shell and pearl lauriat necklace ($38), the mother of pearl wrap bracelet ($10), and the sterling silver 7mm pearl stud earrings ($6)—all made with authentic pearls and real silver. The bracelet’s blue complements the grey tones of the necklace without being too “matchy-matchy,” while the simplicity of the earrings won’t distract from the baubles dangling around your neck and wrists. Offer valid through May 31, 2006. —Ali

    Note: ThriftyChick offers exclusive deals as a service to our readers, and does not receive commission, fees, or any other compensation for featuring any product (or website), unless explicitly noted as such.