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Versamae Luxe

Got this in my e-mail and thought I’d pass it along. Versamae Luxe (online boutique filled with accessories) is having a Graduation Sale on all Gina B. International Laptop Handbags. These bags are the perfect graduation gift for the high school graduate heading off to college or the college graduate heading into the workforce. Gina B. handbags are hip chic accessories made from 100% leather. All Gina B. International Laptop handbags are 20% off until June 1, 2006. (Regularly priced $250…SALE PRICE $200)

Take a look.

Tech Chick


So, you finally broke down and bought an iPod last year, and then, less than a month later, Apple goes and releases the video iPod… and you are just a little bitter about it. While you may hold a grduge against Apple, don’t take it out on your iPod—instead, relish in the fact that since your iPod is now obsolete (sorry, it’s just the naked truth about technology), the accessories for it have been deeply discounted to make way for the newer, cooler thing. That means you can dress up your iPod in a kate spade case for just $26 (retail: $75), while hardly any designers have even released a case to fit the video iPod. Get free shipping with code: NMSALE.

Must Haves


Bloomingdales is offering 20% off any online purchase through May 17 with the code: SPRING (original, eh?). Blanket department store discounts such as this one provide the perfect opportunity to purchase an item that would otherwise never go on sale, like the Lacoste Retro Fit Polo . With the same fit and style of Lacoste’s classic polo, it has a longer torso and sleeves to accommodate the current style Zeitgeist. It’s classic, it’s polished, and yes, it’s preppy. At 20% off, it’s just $55.20. Just please, for the love of everything non-douchebag, don’t pop the collar—all that does is makes the statement that you are trying too hard.

Must Haves

Mother’s day is quickly approaching

Mother’s day is quickly approaching, and you’re stuck. Although your mother would effuse delight if you made her a macaroni necklace, you want the perfect gift, and you just can’t figure out what that would be. With Agapantha Jewelry’s exclusive Mother’s Day special, you can let mama do the choosing. Agapantha offers three packages in which you pay a certain price point: $50, $75 or $100, and then your mom chooses which piece of jewelry she wants from a selection of a range of jewelry for less than it’s regular price. While your handmade creations are endearing, leave the glitter, pasta and string to the first graders, and get her a piece of professionally handcrafted “some and one-of-a-kind” semi-precious jewelry.

Promotional E-mail Digest, Thriftychick

Promotional Email Digest, Tues 5.9.06

Sales and Promotions:

  • Final Spring Sale at Esprit
  • Today only – Extra 10% off T-shirts: Rebecca Beeson, Grail, BCBGirls, Generra, Sweetees and more at Bluefly
  • First call sale and free shipping at any price, code: NMSALE at Neiman Marcus
  • Denim Sale at Bluefly
  • New Arrivals and Featured Items:

  • New specialty tees at My Diva Shop
  • New Beauty: GoSMILE, Philosophy, Dior and more at Sephora
  • New Arrivals from Diane Von Furstenberg and Rebecca Taylor at Pink Mascara
  • Intermix’s Lust List: “Not A Wifebeater”, Tom Ford, Haute Tote, Pirates, ’70s & more…
  • Check out Today’s Pick at ThriftyChick.

    Tech Chick

    There is one word to describe your mother

    There is one word to describe your mother: superwoman. Not only did she raise a fabulous, well-rounded child with an impeccable sense of style (you, of course!), she also managed to build a successful career, serving as a trailblazer for women everywhere, and a inspiration particularly for you. Why not pay homage to her amazing feats of strength by further equipping her with the Uptown Bella Jennifer Tote? The most spacious of the Uptown Bella collection, the Jennifer is customized with compartments to make air travel easy, comes with the Sarah padded laptop sleeve, and is spacious enough to serve as a working mama’s diaper bag (no, your mom isn’t having any more kiddies, but she expects you to do so…someday). On sale, 20% off, for $100.80 in celebration of Mother’s Day.

    Beauty Chick

    Mother’s Day Picks

    Mother’s Day Picks
    Chances are, there is a certain scent that, whenever and wherever you are when it crawls across your nostrils, immediately makes you think of your mother. it’s the perfume whose classic scent you love, but will never wear yourself, as it will always be associated with your mom (for me, it’s Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels). The boon of the perfume industry is Christmas and Mother’s Day, and on both occasions they offer great gift packages to boost sales further: like this Comfortable Cashmere set from Donna Karan, which gives you her Cashmere Mist parfum (the really high-quality stuff), a travel-size body lotion and an ivory stitched tote for $75 (the bottle on its own is $65). Check out your department store for other sets for the scent she loves.

    Must Haves

    Don’t go chasing waterfalls… unless they are draped from a soft knit fabric into a chic day-to-evening dress.

    Don’t go chasing waterfalls… unless they are draped from a soft knit fabric into a chic day-to-evening dress. Then you shouldn’t only chase them, you should tackle them head on. The fabric of this Flap Front Dress actually cascades down the front, accomplishing two remarkable forms of flattery: first, accentuating the bust for a fuller appearance, and second, visually elongating your form to make you look taller and slimmer. The dress realizes femininity without the use of lace, bows, or curly cues. On sale for $69.99 from Armani Exchange.

    Must Haves

    Do you long for ultra-comfy sheepskin-lined heaven

    Do you long for ultra-comfy sheepskin-lined heaven, so much so that you are considering the ultimate fashion sin: wearing Uggs with a mini skirt? Okay, maybe not. You are thrilled to let your toes wiggle and breathe in your open-toed heels and sandals… but, you must admit, you wish they were a little more cushy. And as the summer swelter intensifies, your feet will become moist—causing slipping, sliding, and—worst of all—foot odor. Unless, of course, you use Summer Soles’ suede peel and stick inserts. Available in either “Softness of Suede” or “Ultra Absorbent,” and seven different colors to blend seamlessly with your shoes, they are sure to accommodate your summer footwear needs. Buy individually for $7.95 or in packs of 3 to 10 pairs for $21-$55. Get 20% off any order with the code: PAPIERDOLL. Offer valid through May 31, 2006.

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