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October 2006

Fashion Chick

I loved this coat the minute I laid eyes on it.

I loved this coat the minute I laid eyes on it. It’s 1950’s cool and reminds me of the movie The Outsiders and how much I’d give to be on Ponyboys arm. The Riley Plaid Bomber is available through for $78.50. Accents include a fur trimmed hood, front flap pockets and hidden front zipper with toggles. It’s so charming you’ll hope fall will last forever.cheers

Paper Chick

I friggin hate monday!

I friggin hate monday! Yes I gave it a little m because that is what it deserves. However I

will not let one little m monday keep me down. So I decided to redecorate my otherwise o so

drab worker bee office. That’s right I decided to Pimp My Cubicle, “taking my

workspace from boring to bling”(says so on the package).

It includes a dollar

sign paperweight, leopard print mouse pad, gold push pins, booklet, disco ball and bling key

for your computer. How can I Pimp My Cubicle you say? At,

where you can pick up many a novelty gift, $14.95 is all you will need to keep your

pimp hand strong. People will soon be calling you Superfly….well not really. But it will

give you a laugh and brighten all your Monday’s.Cheers


My find of the week

Paul & Joe
I don’t know who these Paul & Joe blokes are, but I just picked up this mini-mini corduroy skirt on clearance from Target. For. $13. dollars. Envy me.

via: Target

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Must Haves

Do you like my new skirt…huh…do ya…do ya?

Do you like my new skirt…huh…do ya…do ya? I thunk it so cute too. Follow me through the magical web to where at first I believed they only sold watches, but I’ve been wrong before.

Links on the site now boast apparel for men and women, accessories and watches. I know that watches are accessories, but when that’s your specialty they deserve their own category. I’m getting off track, where was I…oh yeah, thinking Fossil’s idea of apparel was a lot of screened tees; I reluctantly clicked and found myself on the surprised side of pleasant. There it was for $54.00; the Penny Skirt, offered in brown and olive with crochet tonal stripe accents. Made from 100% cotton and machine washable (I recommend hang dry) this is my new go-to when all else is going wrong. Cheers


Beauty Chick

My favorite activity to clear my mind is cruising drug stores in search of new cheap thrills.

My favorite activity to clear my mind is cruising drug stores in search of new cheap

thrills. While there I came across an old friend. In middle school where you began to

blossom into womanhood, you also stopped glistening and started to sweat. That 7th grade

year my Mom bought me my first bottle of Jean Nate. My Mothers words still resonate

“ You’re gonna sweat! This stuff will help you sweat pretty.”

After a shower

splash a generous amount all over. The lemony citrus smell never over powers and lasts all

day. Even during your most hardcore work out the citrus smell remains true as if you’re

perspiring lemon drops. Head over to where

$6.99 will get you acquainted with 8 fluid ounces of my old friend Jean

Nate After Bath Splash Original. To some it may seem dated, but old friends are often

the best and your yoga partner will thank you. Cheers


Fashion Chick


Finally! It has arrived! But let me start at the beginning. 100 years ago (in fashion years)

I had the privilege to attend Olympus Fashion Week Spring ‘07 at Bryant Park. There

on display was a gorgeous navy Hobo bag by famed NYC designer Rafe Totengo. I

just knew the price of the hobo was obnoxious and my slobbering was of no use. Then in mid

lick (don’t judge) I noticed it was Rafe for Target. From there I began the

relentless quest to find my bag. And in the weeks to follow I started to fear it was an

urban legend or something I had dreamed. But today I no longer carry the fear that I have

gone bananas.

Rafe has introduced his line of structured bags purchasable (yes it is

a word, Bill) at Target stores as well as The navy Rafe Hobo is $49.99 and the others range from

$19.99 to $49.99. It has brushed antique brass hardware, lots of pockets, and is also

available in brown. Finally! I have been waiting so long and not so patiently…I can now




Fashion Chick

Won’t you take me to the funky tights yeah won’t you take me to funky tights!

Won’t you take me to the funky tights yeah won’t you take me to funky tights! Feeling the

need to layer with all the frostbite nipping, I found what we all crave, more than average

tights. On you can find a

plethora of “funky” knee highs, trouser socks, thigh highs, and tights.


Colored Opaque micro fiber/nylon tights do the trick for me. With ultra mod colors

and matte finish, these thick knitted tights supply warmth and va va voom to my black and

other challenged assembles. The transformation to ye’ ole’ smugs (your old clothes) is so

drastic my significant swears I have drained the account yet again. Have no fear future

father of my teacup greyhound, $14.99 is all that was spent to keep your darling

feeling warm and looking funky!Cheers


Fashion Chick

With all the wet weather this fall the wellie trend has become a necessity.

With all the wet weather this fall the wellie trend has become a necessity. Wellie’s, also

known as Wellington boots, were first made popular in the 19th century by Arthur

Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington and the British aristocracy. Originally made from leather,

now they are most often made with rubber and can be purchased in different colors, patterns

and price ranges.

So with all the predicted downpours, my vote is for the JCrew High Rubber Wellies with

laces. They are available in colors maize (bright yellow) and mountain pine (green

black) with jersey lining and contrasting laces. They can be ordered from the JCrew

catalog or

for $52.00. I will avoid the obvious singing in the rain closer and just say

pick a pair up. Cheers


Must Haves

Dreaming of days gone by on the farm with Ma and Pa

Dreaming of days gone by on the farm with Ma and Pa, I long for the hayride to the patch to choose a pumpkin just for me. Who am I kidding? I’m a city chick. Always have been, always will be. But when I get a hankerin’ for the country life I head to the farmers market or the pickin’ patch. So this weekend go a “little out your way” and pick up more than just a pumpkin for the porch. While you’re out try the fresh seasonal fruits and veggies, and be sure to pick up the homemade jellies and jams. I absolutely die for the fresh apple butter.

Most states hold a farmers market or have a picking farm that can be located in your city paper. You won’t need more than $50.00, which I swear will stock your pantry with edible delights (vegan approved). And don’t forget to bring a date and save a pound or two for the backwoods hayride. On a chilly night, there is nothing like being embraced and kissed under a silvery moon. It’s on the house and totally priceless. Cheers