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December 2006


Free Lucky Subscription

Lucky Magazine

Yes, we even update on holiday weekends. This is a Thrifty deal you need to get on immediately. With any fashion, accessory, shoe purchase on of $25 or more, you will get a FREE one year subscription to Lucky Magazine. The offer ends 12/31.

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West Elm 75% off sale

West Elm
One of my favorite (and expensive) stores is having this amazing sale. West Elm is taking up to 75% off items for their end of the year end clearance. This is not like typical sales because I rarely see West Elm having sales this big. I bought this chair yesterday.

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60% off at Gymboree


Grab the kids and go. Gymboree is another retailer tacking on to the end of Christmas holiday bonanza. They are having a sale an all items with discounts of up to 60% off. Don’t know how long it’s going to last, but it’s a safe bet that lots of stuff will be gone by New Years.

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IPODS for MUCH less


Refurbished is never a bad word. EVER. Some of these refurbished and reconditioned IPODS will last longer than new ones that you buy at the stores. The best part is consumers at large tend to think that refurbished means “on it’s last legs”, the prices are much lower than new items or discounted new items. Witness the $99 20 gig IPOD model. Normall sold for $199-$249.

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Saks 2 day sale

Saks Fifth Avenue

The holiday selloff has begun in earnest. Saks is having a two day sale where you can get 50% off of already reduced items. Combine that with their original discounts and you’re looking at 60 to 70% savings. There is a reason why waiting pays off.

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