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January 2007


Lane Bryant deals.

Lane Bryant

Someone at Lane Bryant must’ve lost their minds. They are having a sale where they are taking good amounts off of prices:

Use coupon code 050006779 to take $25 off orders of $75 or more. Then you can take $50 off orders of $150 or more, and if that’s not enough take $75 off orders of $225 or more.

The deal ends Feb. 14, 2007.


20% off at Bloomingdales

Lily Pulitzer

I always get sticker shock whenever I stroll into Bloomingdales but I am very happy to report that they are having mercy on my wallet with this new deal. With code NEWYR they will take 20% off of select items for her (yes you).

Have to love that.

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Pantene for FREE

Trying out new shampoo can be a fun experience. Fun, unless you’re Greg Brady that is. (I am dating myself with obscure references)


Pantene is giving readers a free sample of their product. Because once you try it, they are sure you will love it. So fill out your information at this link and wait with baited breath for some new shampoo.

Must Haves

I love intricate and elaborate designs.

I love intricate and elaborate designs. Especially when it makes sense. And sometimes it makes sense to splurge abit on something that makes the home look beautiful.

These Vis-a-vis pillows do exactly just that. While not completely thrifty at $24.95, they are a beautiful splurge.

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50% off Jewelry Cleaner

Sharper Image
I remember the old days when using a jewelry cleaner meant literally using that white creme with a damp cloth to clean out your jewelry. Then all of a sudden, things changed and someone invented an amazing jewelry cleaner that did all the work while you held it. Problem was it was way more expensive than getting the cloth and creme.

The Sharper Image has just changed all of that. They are selling their ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for 50% off at $49.99, I’ve used it and swear by it (though I try not to swear on anything). It take off all the splotches and dark spots and get your jewelry back to original form.


Designer Handbag


There is a reason why I love While the site is not exactly “thrifty” in the truest sense of the word, you are liable to find some really good deals. This corduroy handbag is a perfect example. It’s simple, functional and very thrifty at $23.00. (I hate when I sound like I am selling something).

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Free Wireless Keyboard AND Mouse

KeyboardWelcome to 2007 where you can get a free wireless keyboard and mouse. See the combination costs $19.99 but with two $10 rebates you essentially get them for free. Be happy that you came to ThriftyChick today and remind yourself over and over again “I must come tomorrow.”

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