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May 2007


30% off at Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman

Now this is the type of deal I am talking about. If you shop right now at Ben Sherman (the deal ends June 1st) and buy any two items or more, you will get 30% off your entire order. Ben Sherman’s pieces for women have got up a notch in my book, the clothes are not overly complicated or too simple. They hit just the right spot. This is especially the case if you’re looking for something for that new job, or as a way to go out chic, yet still sensible.

Use code MR07 to get the deal at checkout. Link


$20 off at


I’m not super crazy about this deal because they set a high benchmark. Basically to get the deal you have to spend $150 and then ou’ll get $20 off, but that’s not bad if you get just to the $150 mark, then in theory you’ll be saving about 10%+ off of your order. The math’ll get you every time. So if you’re interested in the deal, it really isn’t that bad, click this link or use code AFF20 at checkout.


Take 15% off your order at Sirius Radio


When I first heard of the thought of Satellite Radio I said to myself, regular radio is fine enough. Then I got one of those trial, try this out radio thingies and now I absolutely can’t think of what I would do if I didn’t have it in my car. I’ll raise my hand for the silent majority and say that I actually listen to Howard Stern, but more so than that there are over 100 channels of commercial free music. No talking, no incessant blabber, nothing. Just good radio.

The radios can get up there in price so this 15% off order deal is a steal. Click this link to get it.


$10 off + Free Shipping at Classic Closeouts

Classic Closeouts

I won’t mention a thing about the model and how she makes the top look. But I will tell you this, Classic Closeouts is offering $10 off your complete order (if it totals over $50) and you will get free shipping as well. There are several items worth having at this retailer including the top, several intimates and other items at their closeout prices. Click this link to get the deal or use code SPRMDS.


J Crew Private Sale (20% off, today only)


I’ve got to comment on this sale because even though the pricepoint that triggers the discount is high, the discount itself is so worthy of having. This sale ends today. It works like this, you will get 20% off your order of $175 or more. Their spring/summer line is very Greenwich, Connecticut (if you know what I mean), but this is still a great deal overall. Click this link and use code PRIVSALE to get the deal.


15% off at Fogdog


While everyone is talking about the potential savings for father’s day sales. I am trying to put together a deal that will benefit me AND dad. A good example of this is a 15% off your order sale at Fogdog. I was able to get these Yoga mats for me and running shoes for dad with this deal. It ends June 5 (so hurry up). Click this link to get the deal.


Free shipping at Kiehls


Kiehls almost never offers free shipping and when they do you usually have to pay in the area of $75 and up for your order to get the free shipping. You know how I abhor free shipping deals, but this is such a rarity I had to rant and rave about it. So what’s so special about Kiehls? Their skin care products work very very well. You literally find out what type of skin you have and Kiehl’s can put together a product lineup for you that will work wonders. To get this deal use code MAY07AF2. It ends May 31st 2007.

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Statement Savings up to 5.25% at Washington Mutual

Washington Mutual

I am writing up a shopping guide for this (should come by about Friday), but I had to feature this on the Thriftychick Blog. We are all thrifty right? Washington Mutual has one of the highest interest payment rates on it’s statement savings accounts. This is a good thing. It means your money works just a little harder and you can shop just a little more. =)

As Thriftychicks we can’t only spend what we have, somewhere along the line we have to save. So this is definitely a great deal. What do you have to do? Simple. Open up a Washington Mutual checking account with as little as $1 and open up a statement savings as well and you’ll get at the very least 5.00 APY savings. Click this link to get your bank on.