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August 2007


Take 20% off any Bath and Body Product at Aloette


Aloette has plenty of high quality beauty items. Problem is that they rarely have a sale. It’s maddening, but makes you appreciate the times they do have a sale. Like this one. From now until the August 31st, you will save 20% off any Bath and Body product at Aloette. A great example of this is this Body butter product. I swear by the smoothness and radiance it gives my skin and it normally goes for $60 but with your discount it is $48. Simply use this code AAP832822 or click this link.


Take additional 30% off sale items at Fredricks of Hollywood


Recently Fredrick’s of Hollywood has gone from trashy, whorelike to sophisticated. I may get sued saying that so look forward to the Thriftychick blog not being around tomorrow. They have a pretty good deal going that will let you get sophisticated in no time. Items that are already marked down will get marked down an additional 30%. You read it right. Use code A7CTRO3 or click this link to get the discount.


Fall Items starting at $25 at Old Navy

Old Navy

Old Navy is touting their new fall collection that starts at $25 (they’re lying it actually starts a little lower but I won’t tell them). They have good reason to tout the collection, it actually is pretty good. A good example is some of their tunics that are literally selling for $24.50. Completely unreal. A good example is the tunic you see above. If you’re ready to get in on their deals, click here.


$10 off your $100 order at Alibris Books

Harry Potter

When it comes to book purchases any discount is a worthy discount. Alibris books is providing that worthy discount this week for the Thriftychick readers. They have a large selection of out of print books that are simply must haves when you cannot find them anywhere else. The deal goes like this. If your order goes over $100 you will get $10 off your order. Plain, simple and definitely a great deal. To get it, click this link or use code ALIBRISBOOKS10