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August 2007


Soyo FreeStyler 500 Bluetooth Headset for $10


You’re getting 67% off the Soyo Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth is a technology that’s all over the place and they are worn by people who want to look like Star Trek characters. I am only half-joking. The great thing about this is that Bluetooth technology is usually very expensive and this percentage off is definitely a rarity. Here’s what you do, click this link to get the bluetooth headset.


Free Whitening Strips


Free Listerine whitening strips means that my teeth will get that bone color off and go straight to white. I want to try it out and see if it really works and this sample does the job, I may actually purchase more. Which is the purpose of getting samples in the first place. So I’ll try it and you will try it and we all win. Click this to get it.