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October 2007


Ralph Lauren Sale 15% off Purchases Online

Ralph Lauren

This is probably going to be the sale of the month as everything on the Ralph Lauren site is on sale when you get 15% off purchases online. This deal is so great that you will end up buying way more than you though out would. But we’re Thrifty so we will temper our enthusiasm for wild purchases with prudence. That is, except when you’re talking about Ralph Lauren. The sale ends November 7th so you’ll have to hurry and buy now. Use code Fall15 on the Ralph Lauren website or click this link to get the deal.


$6 flat rate shipping @ the Gap

The Gap

The Gap is offering $6 flat rate shipping on their entire stock of online items. Why is this such a great deal when I usually abhor free shipping deals? Well folks, the free ride is over. With the cost of gas skyrocketing price increases that affect retailers are passed on to customers. You can order 3 or 4 pounds woth of clothing and still not charged for shipping. Now that is a great deal. It is ongoing so you have time to shop online at The Gap.

Click this link to get the deal.


Aerosoles Discount 10% off your order


Aerosoles are perhaps the most comfortable pair of shoes you will ever wear. I say this because I’ve never wore a pair of Birkenstocks, but I have worn Aerosoles. They are like walking barefoot in a sea of gel. What that exactly means I don’t know but they’re comfortable. Right now they are offering 10% off your entire order. I like the boots featured above. To get this 10% off your order deal click this link or use code BS2AX7 on the Aerosoles website.


Sears Sale 20% off all Treadmills


This deal has my name ALL over it. Sears is offering 20% off all treadmills in stock at their online store. What makes this deal so great is because at this time of the year in most places the weather gets to be such where running outdoors is not an option (except for the most hardcore). This deal helps you with that by giving you 20% off a treadmill that you can put in the comfort of your own home, while watching TV (my favorite past time). To get this great deal, click this link. The deal ends November 1st.


10% off at Home Decorators

Home Decorators

Some of us live in warmer climes than others. I don’t have that luxury (that is until recently with this wacky New York weather). But those of you who can buy lawn furniture in the middle of November have it great with this sale at Home Decorators. Between now and the end of October you will be able to buy items at Home with a 10% discount. If I were living in a place where the temperature was 70 degrees in November, I’d buy the chair you see above. Click this link to get the deal.


Kmart Sale 30-40% off Women’s Robes


Though I am not completely happy with their selection of robes and as a matter of fact I am not a robe person, I totally understand the allure of this type of deal. When you first step out of a shower you want the comfort that a robe offers you. Yes, I just said that. Sometimes it’s cold in the house, sometimes you don’t even want to take the robe off. Sometimes you just want the robe on an awful day. Yes, I just said that again. =) So now save 30 to 40% off of the robe of your choice. If I were to get a robe it would be this one. Click this link to get it. The deal ends November 3, 2007.


Ann Taylor Take 15% OFF $100 or 20% OFF $175 + Free Shipping!

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor happens to be one of my favorite retailers because they give you discounts that you can actually use. An example of this is this discount that increases the more you buy, for example if your order totals $ 100 or more you can take 15% off your order, if your order totals $175 or more you can take 20% off. Interested? I sure am. Click this link to get the deal or use this code on the Ann Taylor website.

update: Thanks to a keen reader, Tess, we found that the code expired a day earlier sorry about that!! We’ll post more Ann Taylor codes next week.



Target Discount Take $5 off any order of $50 or more

Target Shirt

Every little bit helps and Target believes you will appreciate this. Between now and October 31st you will get $5 off your entire order of $50 or more. Now you’re saying does this help me if my order is $300? A little. But this price helps you out when your order is exactly $50. Taking $5 off a small order definitely helps. To get the deal click this link. It ends October 31st.