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November 2007


Grechen’s Closet Code: 20% off at


We’ll end this week just as we started: on a high note. Right now you can get 20% off jewelry retailer They have several lovely pieces this season that you simply must have. My pick from their collection includes the snake necklace that you see above. The gold is ornate and has several grooves that make it a wonderfully intricate item. Some people view snakes as omens or bad luck, but it looks gorgeous. To get the deal on all the jewelry at Odetteny simple enter this Grechen Coupon Code GRECHEN07.

Must Haves

I can’t really figure out why everything at Heavenly Couture is $16 a piece

I can”t really figure out why everything at Heavenly Couture is $16 a piece, but it is. I won”t argue with the perfect price if I know I am getting quality and with this Heavenly Couture store, I am definitely getting quality. This store is great in that they have practically everything you could want from a fashion perspective for $16.

The cowl neck sweater that is all the rage right now is $16 and you will get $20 off any order over $100 plus free shipping with this exclusive Thriftychick code. The code is: thriftychick2020. The cowl neck sweater can be had by clicking here.


Foot Locker Discount 20% off your order of $100 or more

Foot Locker

This is a great way to begin winding down a hectic shopping week. Foot Locker is offering 20% off your entire order between now and December 31. The caveat is that your order must go above $100, but that’s likely how much you’re going to pay, this is shoe shopping after all. You will be able to choose from their selection of Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Timberland, New Balance and a host of others. To get the deal simply use code LKS17VCP on My pick: these timberland boots (pictured above).

discounts Special Discount for the Holidays

If you celebrate the holidays like my family does, you’re really going to appreciate this discount. Between now and the end of the year, is offering 10% off any wine collection or any gift basket at the store. What’s great about this deal is that you will be able to experience a variety of wines that come from a varied selection of gift baskets. To get this great deal click this link. I purchased the Tour de France Wine Gift set you see above.


15% off at Illuminations + Free Shipping on Orders over $75


One of my favorite lighting stores Illuminations is having a great sale. They are offering 15% off your entire order plus free shipping on orders over $75. Some of the items I selected when I went shopping on the website included a variety of candles and candle holders. They have a lot more than that and you’ll definitely love the items and the coupon code combo. Get the deal by clicking this link. The deal ends December 31, 2007 so there’s plenty of time.


ILove Blocks Exclusive Thriftychick Discount 15% off your entire order

Irina Block

If you are looking for a cute kitschy gift this holiday season for your friends and family then I need to point you over to designer Irina Block’s latest creation. I Love is a website created by craft and jewelry designer Irina Block. She creates these whimsically wonderful block pendants, block bracelets and block necklaces.

One of my favorite block pieces of jewelry from her collection is the error bracelet (yes that’s the name). The one you see on the top is what I hold dear. What makes her jewelry cool is that it is not the typical, gold, silver, platinum metal fare that you have from most designers. It is original, it is fun and it is now an exclusive discount for Thriftychick readers. Order now and you will get 15% off your entire order. Simply enter the code chick in the apply discount section to get the deal. Click here to visit her website.


Liz Claiborne Sale 40% off of purchases

Liz Claiborne

I couldn’t believe this coupon code when I spotted it, but I had to share nonetheless. Between now and December 2nd, Liz Clairborne is offering 40% off of purchases at the Liz website. This deal in unbelievably perfect because you get to save on all the new Liz Claiborne fashions this season. Check out the top I purchased above. I love it. To get the deal use code Friend40 on the Liz Claiborne website or click this link and start shopping.