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January 2008


American Apparel Winter Wear Sale Get $25 off orders over $100

American Apparel

Ahhh…American Apparel is truly giving us a great treat. They are offering $25 off of orders over $100 when you purchase select items from their winter collection. American Apparel is known for making quality products, durable products, products that won’t fade. They are also truly chic. This great discount lasts until February 9, 2008 so get in on it now and click this link.


10% off Football Jerseys at Fogdog

Football Jerseys

The fashionistas at Papierdoll will think that I am some sort of low brow weirdo for featuring this…Football?? Football?? That’s what they will say, but Football is as American as you and me and I like nothing better than wearing a Tom Brady jersey (I’m in New York and I can see people getting ready call me traitor), but he’s so darned cute. Anyway, fogodog is offering a spectacular deal on football jerseys. You will get 10% off any jersey at the Fogodog store from now until February 9. This is just intime for the Superbowl. to get the deal, click this link.

Baby, Thrifty Specials Trustworthy Babysitting, Pet Sitting, Tutors and Care Giving

I always like helping Thriftychick’s in all aspects of their lives. Most of the time it is in helping you get the best deals (and hopefully you’re helping me as well…by the way if you ever spot a deal please send it to me I recently received an e-mail this past December about a new website that was set up to help mothers find a responsible baby sitter. You simply type in a zip code and it provides a list of screened baby sitters that are in your area. The great thing about this resource is that it is quick and easy and trustworthy.

While finding good deals on clothing is fun, Thriftychick’s never scrimp on getting the best for their kids. Visit the website here.


Save $40 Off Any Order Of $200 Or More Plus An Extra 25% Off!

Petite Sophisticates

Petite Sophisticates is really selling the whole house with this amazing deal. For good measure they are making sure it lasts a really long time. Between now and April 30, 2008, you will get $40 off any order of $200 or more plus an extra 25% off . This combo deal is just way too good to be true. I am still deciding whether I will pick up this dress, but in the meantime the deal is yours. Use code 776567604 to get it or click this link.

Shopping Guides

The Cheap Chick Cometh

Erin SchneiderThis is an interesting experiment that I am backing 100%. Erin Schneider is doing something even *I* don’t have the courage to do, she is venturing off this year to not spend more than $20 on one item. For the whole year, 365 days, she can’t spend more than $20. I mean, this is going to be really hard. Think about it, let’s say she fills up her gas tank…that’s more than $20 right there. Of course there are tiny caveats, for example I am sure she wouldn’t spend more than $20 on gas in one filling as she can certainly get it up to $20 and use it for a day or two.

I do believe this novel approach though will bring light saving money and learning how to live within ones means. In the meantime, I applaud her and invite you to track her progress in this daunting task. Her blog is located here:


Get 20% off any Single Item Online a Linen’s N Things

Linens n things

Linen’s N Things has always been a favorite retailer of mine. They have almost every knick knack and doodad necessary for the home. It is then a great thing when they have a sale where you can get 20% off of any single item online at the store. It is a very great thing. This includes bath towels, sheet sets and everything in between. To use this discount click here. Bookmark this page as it lasts until the latter end of the summer. Yup, this deal ends August 22, 2008.


Draper’s & Damon’s Coupon Code

Draper & Damon

Pay close attention. This company sells everything that your mom needs to wear. it will change her style and make her seem fabulous .It’s stylish and makes her look classic in a way that most stores just miss. Your mom,aunt and other woman over the age of 50 will want to wear this. They are having a sale now where if you use coupon code P1807 you will save 20% off your order. To get the discount simply use the aforementioned coupon code or click this link.


Save 25% off Life After People DVD

Life After People

I saw this very cool show on the History Channel a couple of weeks ago entitled Life After People. It basically tells a story of what happens once people are gone from the earth. It is kind of weird because you assume that we will ALWAYS be here, but chances are we won’t. So what happens after we’re all gone? Roads start to crumble, grass starts to grow over everything and things get a lot quieter. It’s kind of cool in a weirdly morbid sort of way. Anyway, the History Channel has this show on sale now for $18.71. Click this link and then go to new releases at the top left to order your copy.