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February 2008


Grechen’s Closet Coupon Code – 20% off at Frankeys


This is starting to become a regular Friday event. Well when you start getting deals like 20% off your order at retailers with no minimums is it a wonder why Grechen’s Closet is an exclusive shopping partner? Well here’s the deal, Grechen’s Closet has an exclusive coupon that will get you 20% off at designer retailer Frankey’s simply use code closet20 and you will get 20% off your order. Start shopping at Frankey’s here and use code closet20 to get the discount.

Must Haves

The Apple iPod Shuffle is a favorite of Thriftychick.

The Apple iPod Shuffle is a favorite of Thriftychick. We featured this on the blog earlier this week but it”s a definite chick pick as this is the lowest price we”ve seen on the shuffle, $49 and at the same time you also get free shipping. You get the ability to store 240 songs and play them back to your heart”s content. That”s how you do a sale. To get it, click this link.


Alloy up to 75% off plus free shipping


So here’s the deal, Alloy is offering up to 75% off all items plus free shipping on all orders. This deal lasts for awhile. But I managed to scare up the bathing suit you see above for…$34.99. That is a great deal. To get this discount simply click this link and use code AECAFF.


20% off Guess Factory Store Online


Here’s another great reason why you come to Thriftychick. Eventually you’ll get a major deal off of designer clothing that you just wouldn’t get if you walked into a store. Guess Factory is offering 20% off of your online order as part of their customer appreciation sale. We appreciate the fact that they’re doing thing and we’ll give you the coupon code as well. To enjoy this offer use coupon code THANKS20. Click here to start shopping. The deal ends tomorrow.


Free Dove Body Lotion Sample


This is why you come to Thriftychick every day. Somehow someway you’ll end up leaving with something for free. This is no different. Dove is so certain that you will love this product they are willing to send it to you for free. I’ll tell you one thing, I don’t blame them, I really love Dove’s moisturizing bar, they smell fresh and are completely smooth on the skin. To get your free sample, click this link.


Save 10% off all LG Appliances at Home Depot

LG Dishwasher

There’s something stylish about having LG Appliances. They are designed to go with practically any theme in the home. Simply put, you can find a red washing machine to match the paint in your wash room or you can find a stainless steel fridge to match your other appliances in the kitchen. LG leaves that choice solely up to you and we’re happier for it. Right now Home Depot is having a sale where you can get 10% off all LG Appliances through March 12, 2008. Simply click this link and voila, 10% off all LG Appliances.


iPod Shuffle $49 plus free shipping

iPod Shuffle

We’ve all come to know and love the iPod family of products. The main quandry that we’re in is that sometimes we find that the products are just so darned expensive. Apple has come up with a solution to this problem. It’s a novel one (we say this with tongue planted firmly in cheek), reduce the PRICE. Yes they’ve managed to do that and we’re happy as a result. The iPod shuffle is shipping for $49 now and the shipping is included for free. To get this wonderful deal directly from Apple, click this link.


Dresses Starting at $16.50 at Wet Seal

Wet Seal

Wet Seal is getting us ready for Spring with this amazing sale. All dresses at the retailer are starting at $16.50. The dress you see above represents my quirky style and love of the open square top. This dress sells for $24.50 and there are tons of new arrivals that are selling at that price or less. To get this deal click this link. The deal ends March 31, 2008.