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April 2008


Wet Seal Discount $30 Only For 2 Swimwear Items!

Bikini top

This is a deal that is very worthy for the middle of the week. You literally will get 2 swimwear items for only $30 from Wet Seal. I like Wet Seal because they have junior items that can fit me. Yeah I am in my twenties, but I still can fit into a junior bathing suit. Envy me. This Wet Seal discount ends April 28, 2008. To get this deal, click this link.


10% Off All Spring Apparel at Petco


I have to say that this is perhaps the cutest deal I have ever featured. Right now at PETCO they are having a sale on all Spring Apparel for pets. You will get 10% off. I spent so much time looking at the cute dogs in their sweaters I almost forgot to finish updating the rest of the sales on Thriftychick. The internet can sometimes be a huge time waster. Anyway, I purchased the hoodie you see above for $7.19. The dog actually looks like my muffin. To get the deal, click this link.


60% off at Circuit City Outlet


Circuit City is now known for having some of the best sales on electronics. Being in a heated competitoin with best Buy will do that to you. They even have an outlet store that gives you more savings on top of the sale prices. So you can only imagine my high level of happiness when I found that the Circuit City outlet was providing a discount on already discounted items. There’s only one word for a sale of this nature, YAY! This 60% is good on cameras, TVs, GPS, you name it. It ends today though so if you had something electronic in mind, this is the discount that you want. To get it, click this link.


70% off of Seating Items at Home Decorator’s Outlet

Home Decorators

If you are really looking to spruce things up for Spring then you should visit the Home Decorator’s Outlet store. This online store gives you tons of great discount for items in the home. The discount we’re featuring today is a big one. You will get 70% off seating items at the Home Decorator’s Outlet store online. To get this great discount, click this link. It ends April 7, 2008.

Must Haves

Breathe now release

Breathe now release

Yoga has been one of the biggest stress releasers I have found to date. Since moving to New York I have found less time and more expensive classes, but my old reliable yoga videos keep me at ease. Here is an online deal 2 yoga/pilates DVD”s for $8.10 plus shipping. Grab a mat and get on with your downward dog.

Click here to get it


10% Off All Clearance Items at Reebok


Reebok is giving us a really good sale. They are giving Thriftychick readers an extra 10% off of clearance items. The clearance items are not throwaway crappy products. The sneakers you see above were purchased by yours truly for $64.99 and that amount is before the 10% discount. The discount ends at the end of the month. To get the deal, click this link.


1-800 Flowers Discount – $10 Off Sitewide With All Orders Of $49.99 Or More With Coupon!

1800 flowers

Begin your April with a set of flowers that will brighten up your mood. I think they do this knowing that with the arrival of Spring you will need your mood brightened. The easiest way to do that is to throw absolutely wonderful, beautiful flowers in your face. It works. I placed an order online just with this discount. The discount works something like this: you will get $10 off all items sitewide with an order of $50 or more. To get the discount, click this link. Use code SPRING1 on checkout. The deal ends today!!


Home Depot $250 Gift Card By MIR With Purchases Of Appliances $299+!


Home Depot is giving us what has to be an unbelievable deal. When you purchase an appliance worth $299 or more you will get a Gift Card Rebate that is worth $250. That is on top of the 10% discount you get when buying an appliance that is worth $299 or more. This great deal ends April 23. That date will sneak up on you so if you were thinking of doing some remodeling or trying to get an aplliance for the one that is dying on you, click this link.


10% Off All MD Skincare Products With Coupon Code!

MD Skincare

MD Skincare is known for having some of the best skincare products. Their line ranges from moisturizers to acne products. I’ve used this and I’ve used Proactiv, I find that this is just as good as Proactiv in terms of helping clear the skin. They are currently offering a deal where you will get 10% off all MD Skincare Products. This deal expires April 15th. To get the discount, click this link. The coupon code for this discount is MDSKINCARE2008.