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July 2008


Lane Bryant Sale – 40% Off The Fast & Fabulous Sale With Coupon Code!

Lane Bryant

Beautiful Plus sized women strut your stuff with this amazing discount from Lane Bryant. The coupon code Lane Bryant is offering will get you a discount of 40% off of items. You simply don’t want to miss out on items that will help you with your shopping. Lane Bryant’s styles for Fall are also coming in so you’ll really want to get this discount going. To get it, simply click this link and use coupon code 000409971 at checkout.


Hanes Underwear Sale – Extra 20% Off All Underwear & Socks!


Hanes is having a sale one something everyone needs. That’s right, you know that Hanes is all about wonderful underwear and so they are giving us a sale where we will get an extra 20% off all underwear and socks. I’m pretty stocked about this deal because my underwear is currently in the worn out stage. I said that earlier this year and it just so happens that it’s affecting me again. To get this discount, you’ll want to click this link.


Limoges Jewelry Sale – 85% Off + Free Shipping At Summer Clearance Sale!


This is really an eye-opening discount. It is immensely huge specifically because you are getting 85% off items at the Limoges Jewelry store. You’re also getting free shipping at the summer clearance sale. This discount means that you will get items like rings, earrings, bracelets with an enormous price cut. To get this great discount use coupon code SHIPSUMMER at checkout and click this link. The deal expires today.


Hot Topic Coupon Code – 25% Off At The Summer Sale!

Hot Topic

Hot Topic is the destination for many teenage girls who want to have the latest in fashion without spending tons of money. Hot Topic is extending that belief of saving and being stylish by offering a 25% off summer sale. The discount applies to almost everything summer at the Hot Topic store. To get this great discount, you will want to click this link by the end of today (July 30, 2008).

discounts Discount $10 Off Your Orders!

Drugstore is having a great sale that will help you get all the beauty items and products that you need to get going, bills itself as the uncommon Drugstore and the retailer has every reason to say that. They have more beauty items than almost anyone. They are currently having a sale that will get you $10 off your order with no minimum. The discount ends July 31, 2008. To get the discount, click this link.

discounts, travel

Vacation Discount – Fourpoints 20% Off Worldwide with Last-Minute Four Points Rates!

Fourpoints hotels

Fourpoints is having a sale that will help you with your vacation planning. If you’re thinking that you’re going to be going someplace in the next couple of months, this is what you’re going to want to do. Use this coupon code to get access to hotel rooms worldwide with a 20% off discount.This is really what you come to Thriftychick for, discounts that will have you saving and having a boatload of fun in the process. To get this great discount, simply click this link.


Eharmony – FREE Personality Profile – $40 value!


Eharmony is the place where you are supposed to find love. Does it happen? If they’ve been in business for as long as you’ve seen them, then you already know that Eharmony works. The match-up service is currently having an offer for the lonely person in you looking for love. They are going to give you a free personality profile. This personality profile is obviously setup so that you can try their service. You’re not really losing anything getting this profile, so click this link.

Must Haves

I am featuring this sale later this week on the blog but just wanted to give you a jump start this week.

I am featuring this sale later this week on the blog but just wanted to give you a jump start this week. Nike currently has these wonderful running shoes for sale. The Nike Shox line is known for providing top of the line athletic support. The shoes are currently selling for $140 and they even come in pink!!

Nike is currently having a sale where you will get 20% of your order by simply using coupon code Backtosport. Click this link to go to the site the shoes are the featured ones in the women”s running section.


Eddie Bauer Sale 60% Off At The Ultimate Sale!


Eddie Bauer is having a sale where you will get 60% off almost everything in the online store. Yes this discount is huge. The fall collection at Eddie Bauer is just coming in as well and so your savings are extended to those items as well. You simply can’t beat a deal on designer clothes like this at all. To get this great discount, simply click this link. The sale ends August 4, 2008.