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July 2008

discounts 60% Off Spring & Summer Collections!

Jil Sander

I cannot tell a lie, Yoox .com is pretty expensive by Thriftychick standards. The amount of money you spend can end up in the thousands, but is also known for its fabulous designer fashions. There’s no doubt that you will want to have items from the Spring and Summer collections when ordering from Yoox and what’s great is they are now having a sale where you can get 60% off those respective collections. You will save on marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, BCBG and so many other top designer fashions. Are you ready to get in on these sales? Click this link.

Sample Sales

Top Button Sample Sales

The Top Button Sample Sales were updated on Monday and there are still some top sales to be had if you reside in either LA or NYC. You can also get in on online sample sales. To get view all the sample sales this week, click this link.


Frederick’s of HollyWood $19.50 Each For Bra’s 2 Or More!

Frederick's of Hollywood

Frederick’s of Hollywood is offering a great deal right now though it ends todays. They are offering Bras 2 or more for $19.50 each. This is a top deal because Frederick’s of Hollywood bras usually sell for upwards of $30. You’re really paying for the quality at this point. So when you see a deal like this you really will want to take advantage of it and get as many bras as possible. To get this discount, click this link.


Finish Line $30 Off Orders $150 Plus Free Shipping!

Nike Sneakers

Finish Line is the hope for a wide range of sporting good items and athletic wear. If you are looking for the top names like, Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Puma, Finish line has what you need. Theya re currently offering $30 off orders of $150 or more and then they are making the deal that much better by offering free shipping. You simply cannot beat a deal like this. To get it, simply click this link and use code KEYCODE30 at checkout to start shopping.


JC Penney 30-60% Off Summer Shoe & Handbag Semi Annual Sale!

Handbag Sale

If there’s one thing no woman should be without it is a good handbag. Sometimes the handbag need not be this super gorgeous designer monstrosity. It can be simple, eclectic and utilitarian in nature. This is what JC Penney has in mind when it is offering 30 to 60% off the summer shoe and handbag semi-annual sale. These discounts are not tiny to say the least. These discounts will get you the bag you see above for $30. You can’t really get better than that in this day and age. to get this great discount simply click this link.


EMS – 30% OFF All Teva Sandals and Flip-Flops

Teva Sandals

These toddler sandals are SOOOOO CUTE. Eastern Mountain Sports is having a sale on these sandals and all Teva Sandals and flip-flops currently they are offering 30% off the complete line of Teva Sandals and Flip-Flops. This is a great deal for the rugged outdoors person in you or your little one and on top of that you will get the comfort of knowing that you are backed up by one of the best online stores for athletic wear and outdoor products. To get this great deal, simply click this link.


Torrid 50% Off All Clearance Sale!

Torrid Top

Another teen store is having another GREAT sale. This one is for the beautiful plus sized teens that want to show how stylish they can be. Torrid is giving us a discount of 50% off clearance items. This means that your discount is applied to nearly everything that is on sale. There were tons of items from this current season that are already on sale. You’ll definitely want to take advantage of this amazing deal. To get it, simply click this link.


Limoges Jewelry Free Shipping Sitewide Now At Limoges!


Ok, you must understand how high gas prices are when TWICE in one day I feature a free shipping deal as if it is some sort of godsend. In reality these free shipping deals really mean a whole lot. Here’s why: shipping an item can run you anywhere between $5 to $50 and often times more for bigger items. This adds a premium to your order that’s in addition to the tax you would pay. Yes, it’s sometimes better to pay less and that’s what we want as Thriftychicks. Currently you will get free shipping at the personalized jewelry specialist of Limoges Jewelry. This includes some of their top sellers and even the smallest pieces. You’ll love this discount. To get it, simply click this link. It ends 7/4/08.


Wet Seal $4 Shipping On All Orders!


Wet Seal is treating all teenage girls with an affinity for their clothing to an unheard of shipping deal. Shipping deals are now a major friend of Thriftychick seeing as how gas prices are astronomically absurd now. Right now when you shop at Wet Seal online, all you’ll have to pay for your shipping is an eye-opening $4. Yes, you read that figure correctly $4 only for shipping. This deal simply cannot be beat. To get it, click this link.The deal ends 7/08.