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August 2008


Kohl’s 10%-60% Off Juniors’ Jeans

Paris Blues

These Paris Blues jeans are selling for 10 to 60% off at Kohl’s yes the discount is real and they are giving it to you without preconditions. You won’t have to buy anything to get the discount, you simply get it, and go. They have all the latest styles for Back to School including flare, skinny and bootcut jeans. Are you ready to get your discount? Click this link and go.

Must Haves


Tilly”s, a surf shop featuring footwear that you normally find on teens is having a sale that should please most folks. They are currently offering a wonderful 20% off of red tag shoes. This discount means that you will get shoes for a great price. I picked these wedges because they are simplistically stylish and affordable at $19.99. Get them by clicking here and using coupon code SHOESALE.


Yoox Up to an Extra 70% off Spring-Summer Collections!

Yoox Shoes

Yoox is home to the most expensive fashions in the world. So why would I feature this retailer on Thriftychick? By some stroke of luck we’ve ended up with an up to 70% sale at this retailer. this means that you will be saving absolutely tons of money with this Yoox discount. This means that designer items from Italy are selling for below $100. that’s simply unheard of. So view some of the items on sale here.


Aeropostale Sale 50% Off Jeans!

Aeropostale denim

Aeropostale, one of my favorite retailers is having a sale where you will get 50% off of jeans. Aeropostale’s complete line of denim is up to date with the latest styles, colors and washes. You simply can’t get better deals on jeans because they don’t exist. I’ve featured denim sales earlier this week and am now featuring this one. It’s pretty obvious that you’re getting the best denim deal here. To get it, simply click this link.


20% off red tag shoes at Tillys


Tilly’s the shopping center for all your skate and surf deals is having a sale that may appeal to your more docile nature. Currently they are offering 20% off red tag shoes at Tillys. the one you see above falls into the red tag category and I received a 20% discount on it. This made me very happy so I purchased even more shoes. When you get sales like this you simply can’t buy just one. In any case, the discount lasts until September 1st. Use code shoesale and click here to shop.


15% Off All Orders at American Eagle!

Jersey Dress

This deal ends TODAY!!! So you’re really going to need to shop and shop big because the more you spend the more you save. American Eagle is offering 15% off all orders. That means you get huge discounts off their already low priced items. Think of their denim, their tops, their dresses and everything in-between. Use coupon code 68497504 at checkout and click this link to get there.

Shopping Guides, Thrifty Specials

The Guide to Saving Money

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated the guide, but I’ve been busy haggling with retailers to get you(and selfishly me) the lowest prices on all types of items. I wrote this guide in hopes of getting Thriftychicks everywhere an idea on where to start saving money. This guide will come in handy for those who find that their paychecks dry up pretty quickly. The Thriftychick Guide to saving money is simply a guide, you really have to put it into your own routine. It was updated this week so read all about it here.


Fly Free, Get 35% Off + 2 Free Nights at Sandals Resorts!

Sandals Resorts

I pulled this directly from the sale listing:

Book by September 2nd, 2008 to receive an air credit of up to $550 per person. And, for a limited-time, you can get 2 Nights Free and up to 35% off! This offer is available at all 12 resort locations in Jamaica, Antigua&Barbuda

So Sandals Resorts are obviously going out of their minds they are offering a discount where you can fly free on your next flight and get 35% off + 2 free nights at Sandals resorts. If you were thinking of taking a vacation, now is about the time to do it. To get this discount, simply click this link and start vacationing.