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October 2008


Saks 30% Off select men’s and women’s denim!

Juicy Couture

Saks Fifth Avenue is an arbiter of style that rarely has a major sale. Why would they, things fly off the shelves at Saks. When the retailer does have a sale though, you want to take advantage of it because you’ll never know when the next one will come and you know top designers will be the ones on sale. Saks is currently offering a great discount on denim and that bodes well for your closet. You have a choice from all the top names including Juicy Couture, Rock & Republic, Joes and many others. Getting the discount means you will save 30% off normally priced items.

To get it, simply click this link. The deal ends November 3, 2008.


New York and Company Outerwear Sale – 30% Off Plus Free Shipping!

Winter coat

I love New York and Company sales because you end up saving loads of $$$ on great deals. This sale is no different. Currently New York and Company is offering 30% off outerwear with the Fall season in full swing and the cold coming in fast and furious, now is the best time to get a great coat. Choose from the complete selection and get great discounts over and over again.

The sale ends November 3rd, so you’ll want to start making selections soon. To get this great discount, simply click this link.


One Hanes Place 15% Off Any Order!

Hanes Bra

One Hanes Place is having a sale where you will get 15% off of any order. This sale means that the tired worn out bras you have somewhere at the bottom of your closet will have the chance of finding a home in the trash bin. That’s right, you can get all new bras like this barely there bra. This one give you all the comfort of some of the more expensive bras but at a fraction of the price. You will completely fall in love with the range of bras and the discounts you get as a result.

To get this great discount, simply click this link. The discount ends tomorrow.


Ann Taylor Shoes: Buy one get one 50% off Sale!

Ann Taylor Shoes

I think it’s safe to say that no one loves a good shoe sale as much as I do and here’s the simple reason why: my closet is overflowing with shoes from a variety of designers, both high-end and smaller ones. So when I hear of a sale from a major retailer like Ann Taylor the first thing I do is search for the shoes on sale. This week the retailer has gone above and beyond the call of duty to please its’ customers with a great sale.

Between now and November 2, if you buy a pair of shoes at Ann Taylor, you will get the second one at half off. This great deals means that you get to choose from the complete line of Ann Taylor shoes for the fall. Interested? Click here to get the deal.


Gap Pants – Buy One Get One 50% Off!

Gap Pants

The Gap is having a sale that is just right for this time of year. Oftentimes you’re re-assembling your wardobe and putting things together for the new season. So Gap has proposed a sale that will get you up and running for the Fall. Currently the retailer is stating that if you purchase one pair of pants at full price, you will get the second pair of pants you purchase at 50%.

You know Gap has great value and the items at the store are too stylish to pass up. Get this discount by clicking this link. The deal ends November 11, 2008.


SmartBargains 3 for $99 Shoe Event

Jessica Simpson Shoes

You’re going to really love the fact that you came to Thriftychick today. In an unheard of sale, SmartBargains is giving you the option of purchasing 3 pairs of shoes from a pre-selected list for $99. You can begin your new shoe wardrobe right here. This discount means that you will be saving so much off of normal prices because you are getting three for less than the price of 1.

Getting this great deal is pretty simple. All you have to do is click this link and shop by October 30, 2008 (that’s tomorrow) and you will get the deal.


Kmart 25% off All Handbags & Accessories!


Kmart is a retailer with no equal. The store is a veritable cavalcade of everything under one roof. Kmart actually found the right buyer because the retailer carries some super stylish items. K-Mart is so convinced that you will love the items in the store that the retailer is having a sale where you will get 25% off all handbags and accessories.

This sale is running for a limited time (meaning it ends 11/1/2008). So you’d do well to really pick up all the cool items. Get the Kmart discount here by clicking this link.


Fogdog Sports 17% Off Your Entire Order

Excercise Bike

Fogdog sports wants you to look great, get in shape and do it all from the comfort of your own home. Ok Fogdog doesn’t want you to do this, I do. I do because it keeps you healthy and sane through the doldrum winter months and you really end up getting slim and fit for the summer.

You want to save money while doing it, so here’s the easiest way to do it. Right now when you purchase anything from Fogdog, you will get a 17% discount with no minimum. This great deal means you end up saving loads of cash and get the products you want without all the hassle. To get this great deal, simply click this link.

Must Haves

A lovely pair of Mary Janes will make anyone oh so happy (including myself).

A lovely pair of Mary Janes will make anyone oh so happy (including myself). These Me Too Ramon Mary Janes are unbelievably beautiful and go perfect for the fall season. Online-Shoes currently has these available for $89.99. That would be a great price, but this is Thriftychick and at Thriftychick everything has to have some sort of discount attached to it.

Currently the retailer has is having a sale where you will get 15% off your entire order. This means that you will enjoy the benefits of being a shoehound without all the guilt. Getting the discount is simple. Use code FALLSAVE15 at checkout to get the discount. Get the shoes here.