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September 2009

Must Haves

15% off at Bebe with Coupon Code

New York Fashion Week is going on and the folks at our sister site are doing a mighty fine job covering it. But over here at Thriftychick, what’s fashionable is being Thrifty. Sure you can look wonderful spending a lot, but you’ll feel much better looking good without breaking the bank.

In comes Bebe with a discount that will accomplish two things. 1. You will get a beautiful dress from the Bebe Fall collection. 2. You’ll end up saving 15% off your order of $100 or more. My pick for this discount is the Ruffle Neck Tuxedo dress. It’s fashionably beautiful but not fashionably priced. So you’ll end up getting 15% off what essentially is a steal. Getting the discount is easy. Click here and use coupon code 15off100. To see the complete range of Bebe items included in this sale, click here.

Must Haves

25% Off Ralph Lauren’s Best Styles For Newborns!

Your baby deserves the best. Ralph Lauren is one the world’s top designers and his design team always brings the best when it comes to all manner of fashion. But what about for the new born set you say? Well the design king has something for the children too. I put together this ensemble with a 25% discount in tow from Ralph Lauren. It was simply amazing and my cousin’s new little one will look absolutely cute. The ballet slippers are $26.25 through the sale at Ralph Lauren.The Layette dress is $28.13 as a result of the discount.

Ready to get join the 25% off sale. Click here.