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February 2014

Fashion Chick

Black Chanel Pleat Velvet Skirt at Shrimpton Couture

Some of Shrimpton Couture’s items and prices is not for the faint of heart. Indeed, the retailer has many single items that are priced above $400. But these are vintage pieces that you simply would not find anywhere else. I found this Black Chanel pleat velvet skirt at Shrimpton Couture and knew I had to have it. It’s is simply too beautiful to pass up at $250. A lot of Shrimpton Couture items are one of a kind though, so you’d do very well to purchase quickly.

Click here.

Fashion Chick

The Quirky Shoe Lover in You Has to Have This

You like wearing quirky, chic, shoes. You have personality. You have personality that not many may understand or get. That’s fine. No worries. I am the same way. So when I saw this on I immediately gravitated towards this shoe. They do have a variety of shoes in styles that range from outlandish to safely quirky. I saw the wingtip sneaker and had to have it. It’s one of the lowest cost shoes on the site (most of the products do tend to range on the higher side). But this is my pick at $64.

Click here to see it.

Beauty Chick

No More Tired Hands or Frizzed Hair

This is a miracle invention. Oh sure there are variations of this salon bonnet, but

A) This is super thrifty at $20
B) This is the first one I’ve found that works well.

The White Sands Dryer Bonnet plugs into virtually any hand dryer with it’s converters and will wrap around your head delivering air treatment to your hair. The manufacturers state that:

The Dryer Bonnet is ideal for hot oil treatments, pin curls, roller sets, deep conditioning masks and any other hair service or product requiring heat. The bonnet also folds flat for easy storage and even travel.

I’m inclined to believe it. It’s available for $20 at White Sands

Fashion Chick

Out of Print is In!

Out of Print is for the literary aficionado in you. This clothing company has a ridiculous amount of shirts, accessories and jewelry that have all manner of literary sayings and images. Out of Print. I purchased the Alice in Wonderland tote you see here. They have many other items that range from A Clockwork Orange Tote, to Moby Dick T-shirts. Visit the site here and see my Alice in Wonderland tote here.

Fashion Chick

Blox Sun – Blocks the Sun and Looks Chic

If you’re like me and you burn relatively easy (can someone say ghost white)? Then this line of lighweight scarf and gloves is truly made for you. Blox Sun is a line of sun protective clothing that does exactly what it says. It blocks the sun using UPF 50+ stretch nylon blend. While not the lowest price scarf on the market, the protection it offers is invaluable. So this is definitely a Thriftychick pick! Visit the BloxSun page for more information on the line of scarves: link


Twoality Rubber Boots

I am a big fan of rubber boots that are chic, easy to wear and of course costs less than those super expensive brands. Twoality boasts these beautiful rubber boots that can be worn clear or with boot liners in a variety of designs. They are super chic and are wonderfully inexpensive at $69.99. They’ve just made a fan out of this Thriftychick. Click here to see the boots