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March 2014

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A New Trench and A Code for 25% off

A trench coat is essential for every fashion wardrobe. Only thing is, in recent years, trench coats have become entirely predictable. J Crew has flipped the script somewhat with this trench. With side vents, hidden shell buttons and drop sleeves, this isn’t your grandmother’s trench. It’s available at Jcrew for $248 (yes there are less expensive trenches out there, but none that look like this). Get it here.

Fashion Chick

D-Cuppers Rejoice! New Bra Uses Physics to Prevent Back Pain

Science has its uses. It’s brought us Viagra, mood altering drugs and now… a bra that will not hurt your back. Apparently that’s what KewiBra promises to do. Developed by a man, Muyiwa Olumide,  who is in the process of getting breast implants according to his Facebook page, I can’t believe I just typed that. This bra is so experimental, it’s not available yet (or won’t be until November 2014). So why am I featuring what looks like vaporwear so far? Well, the promise this bra holds is interesting. By placing all the weight on the fabric itself, the back is relieved of pressure caused by what’s up front.

And it’s none too cheap at $150 according to the site. Get more info here at Kewibra

Fashion Chick

An Affordable Kate Spade? Gasp (Again)

Kate Spade just nearly halved the price on the Cobblestone Park Stanley bag. For those not in the know this is a lot of Kate Spade for the money. It typically retails for $228 but is now selling for $136. Heavens to thrifty! So I purchased one of these and kept the whole thrifty process moving right along. Get the bag here.

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Fake Bake Fair will Turn You from Ghost to the Living

Some of us (me) turn ghost white in the winter. While my Asian and Indian friends state that this is an asset, here in the US, being super pale, damn near see through can be “the yuck”. So we have some tanning products that bring life to ghost-like skin bringing a bit of exotic out of us. Thing with tanning products are they tend to cake up or get on everything. Fake Bake has a bit of a solution that I am growing very fond of. Their Fair Self Tanning lotion doesn’t all at once turn you orange. It gradually gives you a bit of tan and it doesn’t get on everything. This is a bit of a miracle product.

According to the company it combines with the melanin in your skin to bring out a natural color without having you look like tan mom. Gradual is good. Instantaneous = no. On the fakebake site you can get it for $29.95 some retailers have it for $25. I recommend whole heartedly and as a result, it is this week’s must have item.

Get it here.

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Pulsaderm Might Get the Edge on Clarisonic

Pulsaderm is a new portable technological miracle for the old task of washing the face. This nifty little tool is tiny in your hand but big when it comes to getting the impurities off of the face. We’re looking to get a sample in to try it out on our faces before we give the Thriftychick Papal blessing, but at least on stats, this may trump Clarisonic’s Mia 2 offering:



Pulsaderm Buddy

Clarisonic Mia 2


2 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches

2.8 x 3.2 x 5.8 inches


4.2 ounces

12 ounces

# Brush Heads Included

2 (Regular & Sensitive)

1 (Sensitive)




Beauty Chick

Trymbl Is Our New Best Friend For Makeup

I don’t exactly know what a Trymbl is, but I am very happy to be posting something on it today. Trymbl is a new retailer that allows you to try makeup before you buy it. Big deal? There are sample counters all over the world that lets you do that you say? Yes, well, Trymbl allows you to do that with full sized sample lines. Try it for a day, try it for a week. If you don’t like it, return it at no extra charge, this is truly a Thrifty way to shop.

They’re only allowing a limited amount of previews so if you’re one of the lucky ones chosen, let us know. Visit Trymbl here.