Thriftychick is the premier destination for the discerning online shopper. We shop looking for top values online and give our readers an insider look at these values first.

Started as an online central deal finding blog and website by Lizabeth Sorensen, Thriftychick was acquired by Papierdoll Fashion Magazine November 2005 and continues to bring these shopping specials to our readers every day.

Updated daily with over 6,000 unique visitors every day, it’s hard to ignore Thriftychick’s appeal.

Thriftychick’s reader base looks something like this:

35% have a combined household income over $100,000 per year
32% say that their last online purchase was over $100.00
have purchased an item they saw on a Thriftychick branded site
tell us that the items they purchase are for themselves
tell us that the items they purchase are for a friend
say they would purchase the items they see on Thriftychick even without a coupon
tell us that they purchase items using the exclusive offers we provide for them
of readers are age 18-29; 25% are age 30-39; 24% are over the age of 35
of our readers live on the East Coast, and 64% live in a metro area such as NYC or LA
of our readers own their own personal computer

Thriftychick Authority

Thriftychick’s Blog has been recognized time and again as a premier shopping destination for women in the know by major mainstream publications. Thriftychick’s blog was ranked Best of the Web by Forbes for 2005 and 2006. ranked Thriftychick as one of the top 10 holiday shopping picks online for 2006.

Rates and Specifications

Unique Visitors :: 180,000 (March 2008)
Average Number of Visits Per Month :: 1.5
Average Visit Duration :: 3 minutes
Subscriber List :: 4,000
Editorial, Search Driven and Organic Link Traffic

Site wide click through performance :: .2
Click through range :: 1.4% to 8.7%

Ad Specs / Rates

120 x 600 jpeg waterfall or rich media flash ad
728 x 90 jpeg or flash ad
Multiple link outs supported
Rotating units supported
Served by Papierdoll (up to 250k)
3rd Party tracking supported

$10 cpm (or set ad term rate)

10,000 impressions minimum buy (via CPM)
Targeted Newsletter, Newsletter, Blog advertorials, Sitewide sponsorship and Blog post sposnorships available.

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