Fashion Chick

I’ve been sleeping a lot lately.

I’ve been sleeping a lot lately. No, no its ok nothings wrong…well…it’s just that it’s been

so dull around thriftyville lately and I’m a little uninspired. It’s not a lack of good

stuff; it’s just that blah time before you feel it’s permissible to start buying all the new

spring goodies the stores are stocking. Until said time I will just stay in and wrap myself

in the best robe man has ever made, like a protest, a sleep in if I may.

(Here is

the pitch) Named the Oprah robe, because she was the first to sing its praises,

you’ll find the robe as soft as cashmere and comforting as your childhood woobie. I, the

origin of the nap, love to cuddle up and sleep, and sleep, and sleep, in this wonder of the

world. has your

all natural sleep aid available for $84.94 the current on sale price. Just a

warning; when worn may cause severe drowsiness and a addiction to luxury so use as