Special Offer From Kiehl’s – Free ground shipping + free MRC deluxe sample with purchase!

I’m always a lover of anything free. Usually the cliche’ is that when you get something free, chances are you’ll end up paying for it in the end. Not so here. Kiehl’s is offering what can only be described as an amazing deal for a limited time. Currently when you purchase any Power of 3 healthy skin essential from the online store, the retailer will give you free ground shipping and you will receive a free sample of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. If you’re familiar at all with Kielh’s you know that their skin care products are simply the best on the market. Getting a discount like this isn’t an everyday thing. Take advantage of the free shipping and free sample now by clicking this link and using code TRIPLE at checkout.

The offer ends August 3, 2010.

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Shop Bop Discount – A June Treat: FREE* International Shipping All Month From Shopbop


Oh my international readers will truly love this discount. It was tailor made for you via Shopbop. The retailer is offering a discount that will get you free shipping. That’s right I said, free shipping international that is. You know how sometimes you end up paying upwards of $40 for shipping to some sort of international location (outside of US).

The discount is akin to getting off a good percentage of your order. To get the discount, simply click this link.

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Free Shipping on Soma Intimates


Soma Initimates rarely offers free shipping but this is a deal that you simply cannot pass up. Soma Initimates provides you with the Vanishing Edge panty. It is a stylish departure from the panties that you normally get at stores. The panties show no line when wearing hip-hugging pants and won’t betray you when you are wearing slip dresses as well. All in all, you will look beautiful and be very comfortable with these panties. To get the free shipping discount, simply click this link. The deal ends November 2, 2008.


Free Clorox 2 for Colors


There’s nothing like a product that keeps your whites white and you colors colorful. Doing laundry is a hassle especially when you get the unintended results of clothing getting color bleeds and runs. Clorox 2 has some sort of answer for that problem. It’s simple really, use it on your clothes and those problems will go away. They are currently offering a free sample, and you know how we love free here at Thriftychick. You simply try it out and you will love it. Get the free sample by clicking here.

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Free Snuggle Fabric Softener


If there’s one thing that Thriftychicks love it’s anything that is free. We love free items because you don’t have to pay for anything and you get to try items before you buy them. Snuggle is offering free fabric softener while supplies last. This means that if you click this link</strong> 10 minutes after supplies are done, then you’re basically out of luck, so click the link and get your free fabric softener.


Free Ambi Even & Clear Exfoliating Wash sample


Ambi wants your skin to be even and clear and clean, which is why they are offering this free sample to you. Test the product out, see if you like it, if you do, you’ve just gained a skin care product you’ll love for life. On the 4th of July we love to end the week with a free sample and beauty products are always tops. To get this free product (while supplies last), click this link.


Free Clean & Clear Morning Burst Oil Absorbing Sheets Sample

Clean and Clear

I always love to end the week with freebies and this freebie is as good as any other. Currently Johnson and Johnson is giving away free samples of Clean & Clear Morning Burst Oil Absorbing Sheets sample. This product is for those that get super oily skin (especially in that t-zone area). These clean and clear wipes can be used to remove excess oil that sometimes crops up on the skin in various situations. To get this free sample while supplies last, click this link.