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Free Quattro Schick Razor


You have to understand that whenever someone mentions free my ears perk up and my eyebrows are raised. Companies are always giving away great items in the hopes that you will get hooked. This has happened to me on numerous occasions. My quickest recollection is when a cereal company was giving away Chex. While it wasn’t a new item, I was reacquainted with a favorite cereal. Schick has this Quattro razor that will get every single hair off of your guy’s face or if you’re daring enough, your legs. To get this outstanding item for free, click this link.


Free Vera Wang Perfume Sample

Vera Wang Princess

You answer a couple of questions. Give your opinion on certain things and all of a sudden they are delivering a perfume sample to your house. I’ve actually experienced this scent and have to tell you that this simply smells wonderful. What better way to experience it for yourself than to get it free? How do you do that? Click this link.


Moku Gift Send a Virtual Tree and get one planted for Free

Moku Gifts

In this time of thinking of your fellow man and partaking in Holiday spirit we were sent this great e-mail from Moku Gift. A little background on Moku Gift: when you send a virtual tree greeting from Mokugift, they plant a tree somewhere in the world. It only costs a $1 to help fight the effects of global warming. Our activities in terms of deforestation, suburban sprawl and pollution have contributed to the earth’s gradual rise in temperature.

Planting trees actually helps the environment through photosynthesis, literally turning greenhouse effect causing carbon dioxide into oxygen. This is how you can help during the holiday season and beyond. Send a virtual tree greeting and they will plant a tree. Now normally it costs $1 but they are offering Thriftychick readers a special deal. Send a Moku Gift tree for free and they will literally plant a tree for free. If you can help the environment by sending a tree why not do it. Help us get to the goal of planting 1,000 trees!

Click this link to send a tree greeting to a friend.


Free L’Oreal Vive Pro

L'Oreal Vive Pro

Walmart Trial Digital and L’Oreal Vive Pro are giving you a free sample of the L’Oreal Vive Pro Shampoo and conditioner. Whenever retailers offer you a sample of this nature they are basically saying our product is so darned good we are willing to give it away knowing you will be hooked. Well, they hooked me. Get yours Free by clicking this link. Offer is good while supplies last.

discounts, free

Free Shipping at Net-A-Porter

Net A Porter

Net-A-Porter is not the Thriftiest retailer around, but they don’t aim to be. They have one of the largest selection of high-end designer collections anywhere online. They are offering a free shipping coupon code that will at least help with the sticker shock (buying high end means paying high end). Sometimes as a Thriftychick, you want to splurge and this is as good a reason as any. To get the free shipping deal head over to and use code FREESHIP on checkout. Have a great weekend!


Free L’Oreal Vive Pro Shampoo


I love getting free items. It’s no secret that they are the Thriftiest deals to be had out of all Thrifty deals available. This L’Oreal Vive Pro deal is just as good. The deal entails getting a free sample supply of the new Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner by just entering your information. Go to the website, click the free samples link, and voila! Enjoy the weekend!


Free L’Oreal Skin Genesis Sample


This is how you start a Wednesday. With a free sample. There’s really no better way. I didn’t see an expiration date on this deal, but it is best to act fast before all the supplies are diminished. L’Oreal Skin Genesis works to create younger looking skin with natural ingredients. But they’re willing to let you try it for free. Are you ready for it? Click this link and once their click the try a free sample link.


Free Shipping on All Verizon Wireless Products

Verizon Wireless

You don’t really understand how good a free shipping deal is until I put it on the Thriftychick blog. I HATE free shipping deals because free shipping is the type of thing I feel they should combine with another major deal. See the amazing thing about Free shipping with Verizon Wireless is that for the most part Verizon Wireless almost never offers free shipping on any order. EVER. They’re doing it now which really helps considering how much you save when you buy a phone using their 2 year contract plans. Deals like this don’t come often. To get the deal click this link.


Free Whitening Strips


Free Listerine whitening strips means that my teeth will get that bone color off and go straight to white. I want to try it out and see if it really works and this sample does the job, I may actually purchase more. Which is the purpose of getting samples in the first place. So I’ll try it and you will try it and we all win. Click this to get it.