products we love

products we love

Defeat Foot Sweat With Kiehl’s “Dry Run” Cream

I kid you not, I use this product and swear by it. Yes, women sometimes have foot sweat issues. Though it primarily lies in the domain of men, foot sweat is real and yes it’s healthy but sometimes there’s way too much. A middle of the road compromise for running and day to day activities is Kiehl’s solution. You simply apply this cream and it absorbs your sweat throughout the day without irritation, weird odors or discomfort. It’s available at Saks for $17 and comes with my highest of recommendations. Get it here.

Kiehl's Foot Cream

Kiehl’s Foot Cream

products we love

Singletease: The New Way To Get a Great Date


I received an e-mail from the Papierdoll editor a week or so ago about featuring a product that she really loves. It’s called Singletease and there’s a bit of an interesting premise behind this one. Apparently the Singletease people believe that attracting the right attention from a guy/girl is as simple as wearing that message on a t-shirt. A little kooky and crazy to be sure, but they’ve tested the theory out and I think it actually works. Now walking through New York you get all sorts of unwanted attention, but the guys that you want seem to either not exist or be completely oblivious to you. Singletease doesn’t promise that wearing the t-shirt will get you your dream guy, but it will at least let him know that you’re interested. Take a look by visiting the Singletease website.

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10% off Pearls at


Pearls are no longer the domain of rich old women who attend cotillions and have kids names muffy and buffy (I somehow am remembering American Psycho and the 80s). While this has nothing to do with the fact that all pearls are selling for 10% off. This is an absolutely wonderful deal. As a matter of fact I am going to champion pearls for the Spring 2008 season with my skinny jeans. To get your pearls at 10% off click this link. The pendant above is going to be a chick pick later this week by the way. The deal ends October 28.

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Killer Cotton

Killer Cotton

I was recently introduced to a new online shopping site. The great thing about is how many dimensions there are. Everything is broken down to who-what-where. So if your looking for an eco-friendly gift for a guy, or a high end dress for a woman, you will probably find it here. It’s like a virtual mall online, introducing you to several other shopping sites and each site is rated letting you know who is best for what. Downtime at the office just got a whole lot better.

click here to visit

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Microsoft Fingerprint Keyboard for $35

Microsoft Keyboard

I always like to bring cool items to your attention. This one is super cool and I will probably feature it in the newsletter going out next week (see sometimes I give you the deals first). Anyway this keyboard allows you to log into your computer, access websites with username and password combos by simply using your fingerprint. And the price is unbelievably low at $35. Yes? Yes. Click this link to get the keyboard.

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3 for $99 at Smart Bargains

Smart Bargains Smart Bargains Smart Bargains

I love when retailers come up with interesting deals that are completely worth having. For example, you get a choice of 3 fashionable items for $99. It’s not the first time this has been done and it’s not like they’re moving mountains but I love when retailers think on their feet. So the above photos are my 3 selections for $99. What’s yours? HURRY! This ends today!

Click this link to get the deal.

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Statement Savings up to 5.25% at Washington Mutual

Washington Mutual

I am writing up a shopping guide for this (should come by about Friday), but I had to feature this on the Thriftychick Blog. We are all thrifty right? Washington Mutual has one of the highest interest payment rates on it’s statement savings accounts. This is a good thing. It means your money works just a little harder and you can shop just a little more. =)

As Thriftychicks we can’t only spend what we have, somewhere along the line we have to save. So this is definitely a great deal. What do you have to do? Simple. Open up a Washington Mutual checking account with as little as $1 and open up a statement savings as well and you’ll get at the very least 5.00 APY savings. Click this link to get your bank on.

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Buy 2 Bras get 2 Bras Free

Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities is having one of those pull out the credit/debit card moments with their buy 2 bras get 2 bras free deal. Within the blink of an eye (or almost) you will have 4 new bras. If you’re anything like me, you understand how that can be a blessing especially if your bras have gotten all fuzzy and the elastic has started losing its’ elasticity. Click this link to get the deal.

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Mother’s Day Summer Spa Gift

Summer Spa

Although mom may feel uncomfortable about indulging in simple pleasures like a spa, or enjoying the little things while worrying so much about you, we’re finding new ways to say thank you. A simple example of this expression of gratitude is this Summer Spa collection at ~H20+. It’s $35 and contains seas salts, mineral rich extracts and a promise that your mom will begin her pampering within a few days. Click here to purchase.