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Shopping Guides

The Guide to Summer Shoes


Every Summer you go through an inventory of the shoes you will wear for the summer season. Unlike other seasons, the summer season is absolutely crucial in putting your best foot forward. The thing is, Thriftychick’s always work with a limited budget, so you always have to think about getting the right shoe for the right price. This is not the easiest thing in the world because of the sheer amount of retailers and designers carrying shoes. The great thing though we’re here to help weed through the good and bad of summer shoe shopping. {full article will be published June 10, 2009}

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Making it Through the Recession


This recession is tough. Some people were saying that it would last a long time. Some said that this was what needed to happen to clear away the corruption. At the end of the day though the recession is tough to live through. That’s if you don’t have the Thriftychick ethic in mind. We’re not cheap, we’re thrifty and so that means making sure you maximize all aspects of your shopping so you can take advantage of deals. Sometimes you can even spoil yourself from time to time. [this article is scheduled to publish June 12, 2009.

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The Guide to Saving Money

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated the guide, but I’ve been busy haggling with retailers to get you(and selfishly me) the lowest prices on all types of items. I wrote this guide in hopes of getting Thriftychicks everywhere an idea on where to start saving money. This guide will come in handy for those who find that their paychecks dry up pretty quickly. The Thriftychick Guide to saving money is simply a guide, you really have to put it into your own routine. It was updated this week so read all about it here.

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Shopping Guide – Bad Economy? Now’s the time to get discounts

I updated the shopping guide after a long hiatus and a couple of false starts because there’s so much news of doom and gloom in the American economy. There’s plenty of reason for the doom and gloom but there’s always a silver lining and in this guide kind of helps you with shopping and making it through this awful economy. Take a look here.

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Shea Terra Organics – The Thriftychick Guide

Shea Terra

I updated the shopping guide this weel with a guide to Shea Terra Organics. This line of skin cleaners, moisturizers and lotions are the new THING in beauty. I tried the products throughout the week and simply had to tell you how amazing the products are. The shopping guide walks you through the Bourbon Vanilla body lotion, Mint Marrakesh Black Soap Elixir, Dead Sea Salt Scrub, Shea Nilotica and face/body oil. To read more, check out the most recent shopping guide here.

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The Beauty of Shea Terra Organics… Or how I changed my Skin in 7 days

While I was made aware of Shea Terra Organics awhile back I was finally completely sold on the line upon receiving a sample range of their products and using it for 7 days. I must preface this by saying that this is a personal experience and this may not work for everyone so this shopping guide is more like a diary of my product use within a 7 day period.

That being said, my skin is not dramatically different from most folks with “normal” skin. An occasional breakout happens here and there, sometimes on certain days the skin might be oily etc… The first thing that strikes you about Shea Terra is the commitment to being eco-friendly and the fact that proceeds from the sale of their products go to help self empowerment projects throughout Africa. While I’m not completely sure what that means, I’m happy that a brand that I am using is at least socially as well as environmentally aware.

Diary Day 1

Ok so I received the products and felt somewhat overwhelmed. I can’t possibly use 5 products AND eat the chocolate, it’s impossible. Their asking for trouble if they think my skin is going to get better in 7 days. They don’t make the 7 day promise, I just assume that I should start seeing results even if only minor within the first 7 days right? The Mint Marrakesh product is supposed to help clear dark spots, acne, scars and fine lines. The purpose of the cleaner gets rid of dead skin and feels a bit refreshing. I’m not getting any oily after residue. The Bourbon Vanilla body lotion smells fantastic and it is soooo soft, you hardly feel as if you are using it. WOW. No oily feeling. YAY!!

Diary Day 2

No real results yet from the Mint Marrakesh product, but it’s only been two days. I am also now trying the Pink Guava Pomegranate Dead Sea Salt Scrub it has a nice soft smell and feels a bit tingly. Not bad at all the jury is out as to whether my skin will be soft post usage.

Diary Day 3

I’ve been using the Mint Marrakesh for approximately 3 days now and I thought there were no real results until I looked closer and two dark acne spots that would never go away are getting smaller. It could be all in my head and I am possibly seeing what I want to see, but they do look smaller. Hmm. I am also working the face & body oil, it’s supposed to reduce the signs of aging. I’ll have more to report on the Bourbon Vanilla body lotion tomorrow.

Diary Day 4

Ok, it’s not in my head… the Mint Marrakesh facial soap…IS WORKING. The dark sports are almost completely gone. I’m now trying to apply it liberally to a tiny scar to see if this is some sort of miracle product. The Bourbon Vanilla body lotion I was using actually made my left arm smoother than the right arm. (I put it on the left but used my regular moisturizer on the right)

Diary Day 5

I used the Pink Guava Pomegranate scrub on my feet and now I am using it way more than I think I am supposed to. I am not sure whether it is working or not but it feels like I am really cleaning dead skin off of my feet. It sounds gross, but you come here for this info. The famous Mint Marrakesh soap is a godsend. I am putting in an order for two more of these things. My skin has this soft glow now and a good number of the acne scars are gone or almost barely noticeable.

Diary Day 6

The Shea Nilotica butter is not really doing a whole lot but I don’t have a whole lot of stretchmarks so it just may be me. The body lotion is now part of my daily routine I was afraid that it was going to make my skin feel super greasy, but it’s a good product without the icky residue feel. I’m still overusing the salt scrub, it just feels really good. I’ve been sold on the Marrakesh soap so it’s futile to go on about it.

Diary Day 7

While it is impossible to try the whole Shea Terra line, I can say without any reservations that the Shea Terra line is absolutely wonderful. Not everything in the line is for everyone. For example, I found little use for the Shea Nilotica because I don’t have a whole lot of stretch marks, but I would imagine that it works just as well as the Mint Marrakesh. Let me expand on the Mint Marrakesh for a second. This thing WORKS WONDERS. It totally cleared up my complexion. The acne scars and dark spots are disappearing with my normal everyday use. Things are truly clearing up as a result of my use of this product.

The Bourbon vanilla lotion is good for anyone who has had it with moisturizers. This is the type of lotion that you put on and forget. With the exception of the light scent, I didn’t feel as if this moisturizer was making me drown in a slippery oil slick type of thing. My skin didn’t over produce any oil, it just felt right.

I am addicted to the Pink Guava Pomegranate scrub. I just keep using it although products like this you normally just use may be once or twice a week, it feels good.

Overall the Shea Terra Organics products are definitely keepers. You may want to throw out all the other skin care products in your bathroom. Their kit is all you will ever need. The price points are decent considering the amount of use you can get out of each invidual product.

online: Shea Terra

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Guide to buying gas

Gas prices are absolutely ridiculous. They are nuts, crazy, insane. The long and short of it is that there are ways to save on gas especially when driving is unavoidable. Did you know that reducing weight by removing heavy objects in the back of your car and making sure your tires are properly inflated can save you money in terms of gas mileage.

Did you also know that keeping the air conditioner on may actually save you money as well? There are plenty of tips like this to help you save in our Guide to Saving on Gas. Click here to read it.

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The Guide to Saving on Gas

The never ending headlines cast doom and gloom when it comes to gas prices and where they are headed. Gas prices are so high that the economy may be brought to a sudden a decisive halt they say. It happened once oil broke the less imaginary and more real line of $100 a barrel. Now to common folks $100 a barrel means not a whole lot, but ask the everyday driver about the price of gas and he/she may wince.

To speculators in the industry it is the difference between being rich and just another bystander. As gas prices go up, those who actually speculated on oil find themselves ending up being very rich. The equation is pretty simple: people who invest in oil futures are seeing future prices for oil go up by the day. There is no limit to the amount of money they can make. As more investors enter in to oil and as demand rises, gas prices will not decline they will only go further higher and faster. How does this apply to you? In this Thriftychick Shopping guide we look at a variety of ways to keep your car and home gas bills low.

The Obvious Answer: Alternative Fuels

We can start with this. Electric cars, hybrid/electric cars and E85 cars are all good options. Don’t get fooled into thinking they are the magic wand that will keep you from going to the pumps often. Driving an electric car or importantly hybrid electric cars tend to expend gas just like any normal car…that is, on the highway. In the city these types of cars can’t be beat. The electric motor kicks in during stop and go traffic and the car’s usage of gasoline is decreased dramatically. Conversely, regular gas engines take up a lot more gas in stop and go traffic. So the savings are quite apparent once you start driving in the city.

On the highway as you build up speed, the gas engine is used more in a hybrid electric vehicle. Since the power of the engine in the vehicles is low (usually less than 100 horsepower), the engines tend to be more efficient than a traditional gas engine car.

You may want to stay away from e85 cars. These are cars that use a combination of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. Though they promise to be cleaner than regular gas engine cars and there’s a certain degree of truth to this, the cars consume a lot of the e85 which already tends to be as expensive if not more so expensive than gas engines.

Money Saving with Gas Engines

The easiest way to save money with a car that has a traditional gas engine is to purchase a car with a high revised EPA, miles per gallon ratio. Cars like that tend to have 4 cylinder engines and can go nearly a week and a half without having to refill (with moderate driving. ) Inline 6 engines (i-6) work almost as well as the 4 cylinder engines because they are built with efficiency in mind. V-6 engines are less so in terms of efficiency. The higher you go the worse you get. V-8 is less efficient in comparison to v-6, and we won’t even get into the v-12 engines that power 500,000 sports cars.

Little known tips.

If you take great care of your car you will have a much lower gas bill in the long run.

a. Fill the tires: filling the tires means less drag on the car. When the tires are full, you can go where you are going faster and with less drag on the car.

b. Believe it or not actually using the AC on a long trip is the wisest thing to do. When the Windows on your car are up the engine doesn’t work as hard and the car generates less wind drag and it ends up saving you money.

c. Get the tune-up and change your oil. Keep your car running in tip-top shape and you will get maximum fuel efficiency.

Regular vs Mid-Grade vs Premium

In one sentence, the answer is simple: use regular at all times unless your car specifically states to use premium. If you car says that you need to use premium and it’s not a luxury car or has a high performance engine, chances are you are completely safe using regular. Most gas stations and companies use the same to similar blends. Trust me; you are not hurting your car by going to Mobile as opposed to BP. Let your wallet be the judge. Go for the cheaper gas when necessary. Don’t mix grades. If you put regular in your car, don’t use another grade until you basically your gas tank is on empty.
Remove the weight
Excess weight on the car, freight in the back, stuff that you have not removed from the car in awhile that may be dragging it down is causing the engine to work harder than necessary. the solution: get all of that excess weight out of the car. You will immediately notice a cost benefit savings when you use the car with less stuff in the back.
There’s no rhyme or reason to the extensive amount that you will have to pay for gas. But with these tips you will definitely save money. Incidentally, you may want to breathe a sigh of relief you are not living in Europe where the average price of gas is about $10 a gallon!

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Guide to Spring Beauty Part 1

Awww longer days, street fairs, warm weather, Spring. Its finally here and everyday that the temperature goes up another two degrees you know it’s time for spring renewal.

Spring to me has always been like everyone else’s New Year. Everything is blooming, people are much happier because the sun is beaming on us much longer. Here are some tips for you to bloom again.

First – A cleansing bath. I’ve done this and have given these salts to many of my close friends. Even if you don’t believe in the metaphysical, karma, and sprits; the natural oils and aroma will still make you feel like a new person.

Click here for the Azure Green product website.

Second– change some of the things you use everyday. As you know make up has an expiration date and as I wouldn’t suggest finding a whole new color palate online you can order some of your favorite basics (foundation, powder, mascara). Right now everyone’s favorite make up essentials store Sephora is offering free shipping on orders over $50, 3 free samples, and free returns.

I also like to clean out my underwear drawer- places like Marshalls, target, and TJ Maxx have great underwear (some designer at maxx and marshalls) just to replace some of your everyday ones.

What next?

I could go on and on- I often by new sheets and curtains(20% off a single item at Linens n Things Use Promotion/Discount code 26620000008 or GRABD08) just to refresh my bed room- not to mention there should be some major white sales at your favorite department stores.

Finally, my pick for the middle of April- the ultimate spring renewal; Spa Week (April 14-20). Discount spa services in top spas in select cities check out for more info they’ve got great deals.

So I hope my spring blooming helps you with yours…Peace and love