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Tech Chick

Acoustic Research USB Wall Plate Chargers 2-pack @ HSN



Here’s why I am featuring this as one of my pics today. The USB wall charger in addition to the plug means that if you lose that plug end for your cell phone, you can still charge your phone. I’ve lost the plug end countless amounts of time. This wall charger is invaluable when you just need to charge and go. And since so many items are being used now for USB, you just have to have at least one outlet like this. HSN gives you two for $49. Get it here.

Tech Chick

Technically Savvy and Fashionable at the Same Time With Marc Jacobs

Oh Marc Jacobs how we love thee, let us count the ways. This computer case would be 1 way. The other way would be if Bloomingdales allowed us to get some sort of major discount on this bag…what do you know? The store has this fashionable computer case (let’s be real here it fits your iPad, Nexus or Galaxy. What’s even better is the price is $34.80. Fashionable and tech savy at the same time? Get the case here.



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Pulsaderm Might Get the Edge on Clarisonic

Pulsaderm is a new portable technological miracle for the old task of washing the face. This nifty little tool is tiny in your hand but big when it comes to getting the impurities off of the face. We’re looking to get a sample in to try it out on our faces before we give the Thriftychick Papal blessing, but at least on stats, this may trump Clarisonic’s Mia 2 offering:



Pulsaderm Buddy

Clarisonic Mia 2


2 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches

2.8 x 3.2 x 5.8 inches


4.2 ounces

12 ounces

# Brush Heads Included

2 (Regular & Sensitive)

1 (Sensitive)




Tech Chick

So you actually like your boss (sure) and would like to get him/her a gift without looking like a suck up.

So you actually like your boss (sure) and would like to get him/her a gift without looking

like a suck up. Everyone else will get him/her a pen, stationary, or whatever else is in the

community office supply closet. But not you, you want to give your boss something that would

be appreciated and put to good use, without looking obvious.

Well I have the perfect

pick. The Sharper

Image actually has it…..but….anyway, the Turbo Charge for phones and PDA’s

is just what you’ve been looking for. It allows you to charge your phone/PDA for up to two

hours with a single AA battery. Works with most new phones, and allows you to talk as

soon as you plug it in. $19.95 is the price you pay for your boss to get hold of you

no matter what the circumstances. Having second thoughts? Office with a window….eyes on the

prize. Cheers


Tech Chick

That year I ran down stairs and there it was…my first set of wheels

That year I ran down stairs and there it was…my first set of wheels, MY BIG WHEEL BABY! No

other mechanics since has produced a fever in me than that of the Big Wheel. That is

why this classic is on our toy list.

You have a choice of five styles like the

Princess, Americana, the Trainer, My First Big Wheel and my personal fav The

Original. Available through, when you click

“where to buy”, it can be purchased from different vendors at competitive prices

(none exceed $35.00). Also, a personalized license plate for $5.95 adds just

the right touch to make it extra special. If they only made Big Wheels a little bit bigger

than I….I mean somebody’s holiday would be extra special too. Cheers


Tech Chick

I have a confession to make…it was 1997 when I purchased my first CD player (I’m not kidding).

I have a confession to make…it was 1997 when I purchased my first CD player (I’m not

kidding). With that tidbit of knowledge you could say I am completely clueless when it comes

to electronics…and be right. Well no more! This year I will face my fear,step into the AM

and upgrade to the latest and greatest that technology has to offer.

Walmart…AHEM…did I stutter…yes Walmart and have a super sweet

deal on the DXG 305VBC 5-n-1 Digital Camcorder. It features video recording with

sound, 3.1 megapixel still photos, MP3 player, voice recorder and web cam. Now I don’t

know if the tech buffs have something newer to play with, but this Cam will at least bring

me up to date. And if you have an equally tech challenged loved one, picking one up for them

is no problem cause’ the actual retail price is $84.54. What a steal! Oh yeah, I

forgot the best part, it comes in an array of snazzy colors…like pink.



Tech Chick

I wanted to capture my first day of Thriftychick and keep it forever.

I wanted to capture my first day of Thriftychick and keep it forever. Thus the inspiration for my first chick

pick hit me via Peewee Herman’s tag line, “take a picture it will last longer”. Hoping to capture the day in the doculife

real grit way, I came across Urban Outfitters

Lomography line of cameras.

Lomography is a technique that creates casual snapshots with abstract effects, as well as the name of the company that

produce these cameras. Example; the fisheye camera gives the image a rounded look, like the pictures in most indie papers. My

personal fav is the Oktomat camera by Lomography. It captures movement by taking eight mini pics on one frame. The

prices range from $24 for the self built pinhole camera to $70 for the Holga Camera by Lomography. Most of the cameras

take 35mm film and only look difficult to use. They really are as easy as any point and shot camera. But if you find yourself

still at a loss or just want to step up your photography game with some tips, Urban Outfitters also stocks Lomography’s

Holga Book for $20. Those urban guys…….they really do think of everything to outfit.-Gabriella

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So, you finally broke down and bought an iPod last year, and then, less than a month later, Apple goes and releases the video iPod… and you are just a little bitter about it. While you may hold a grduge against Apple, don’t take it out on your iPod—instead, relish in the fact that since your iPod is now obsolete (sorry, it’s just the naked truth about technology), the accessories for it have been deeply discounted to make way for the newer, cooler thing. That means you can dress up your iPod in a kate spade case for just $26 (retail: $75), while hardly any designers have even released a case to fit the video iPod. Get free shipping with code: NMSALE.

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There is one word to describe your mother

There is one word to describe your mother: superwoman. Not only did she raise a fabulous, well-rounded child with an impeccable sense of style (you, of course!), she also managed to build a successful career, serving as a trailblazer for women everywhere, and a inspiration particularly for you. Why not pay homage to her amazing feats of strength by further equipping her with the Uptown Bella Jennifer Tote? The most spacious of the Uptown Bella collection, the Jennifer is customized with compartments to make air travel easy, comes with the Sarah padded laptop sleeve, and is spacious enough to serve as a working mama’s diaper bag (no, your mom isn’t having any more kiddies, but she expects you to do so…someday). On sale, 20% off, for $100.80 in celebration of Mother’s Day.