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The Guide to Saving Money

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated the guide, but I’ve been busy haggling with retailers to get you(and selfishly me) the lowest prices on all types of items. I wrote this guide in hopes of getting Thriftychicks everywhere an idea on where to start saving money. This guide will come in handy for those who find that their paychecks dry up pretty quickly. The Thriftychick Guide to saving money is simply a guide, you really have to put it into your own routine. It was updated this week so read all about it here.

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It’s going to take a whole lot for me to end my Netflix membership. They have tons of great movies from the most obscure sources. So when I saw this deal at Blockbuster, it’s obvious that I had to look twice. It’s hard to not do something like that because it is a free trial. They still have awhile to catch up though because Netflix offers a better deal after the free trial period. Still, this is a free trial from Blockbuster, so to get this great deal click this link. This free trial offer ends May 8, 2008.

Baby, Thrifty Specials Trustworthy Babysitting, Pet Sitting, Tutors and Care Giving

I always like helping Thriftychick’s in all aspects of their lives. Most of the time it is in helping you get the best deals (and hopefully you’re helping me as well…by the way if you ever spot a deal please send it to me I recently received an e-mail this past December about a new website that was set up to help mothers find a responsible baby sitter. You simply type in a zip code and it provides a list of screened baby sitters that are in your area. The great thing about this resource is that it is quick and easy and trustworthy.

While finding good deals on clothing is fun, Thriftychick’s never scrimp on getting the best for their kids. Visit the website here.

Thrifty Specials

Heavenly Couture exclusive coupon $20 off your order of $100 or more + Free Shipping

Wrap Dress

We featured a pick from the Heavenly Couture site today ( They are definitely my favorite new online boutique retailer. Most of their items are below $20 and are made from quality designers. I would ask how they did it, but sometimes you just appreciate a deal and let things be as they are.

Heavenly Couture is offering Thriftychick readers a special exclusive discount code though. They are providing Thriftychick readers with $20 off orders over $100 (which means if you buy 5 items you theoretically get the 5th one free, or something to that effect). They are also providing free shipping. How they’re able to give us deals like this I will never know. To get the deal, simply go on the Heavenly Couture website ( and use exclusive Thriftychick code “thriftychick2020” on checkout. The dress you see above is $16.00 … SERIOUSLY.

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Coach Handbags Special Offer at Macys

Coach Handbags

Though you’re never really allowed to use the word sale and Coach handbags in the same breath, that’s exactly what’s happening at Macy*s. Though they attempt to change the wording around and use the word special offer, we know what this is about. It’s a Coach sale and we’re happy for it. I picked up the bag you see before, for….$178. Love it. Click this link to get in on the “special offer”.

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Holiday Shopping Guide is Up (part 1)

Ok, so I finally updated our guides (it took about a year). This guide specifically addresses shopping on black Friday. While this is the biggest shopping holiday of the year, it does not have to be a convoluted mess. I actually walk you through the steps and processes for getting the best deals and making sure you get everyone in your holiday gift giving list.

Read the guide here

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* SPECIAL Thriftychick Discount at Smart Ass Gals 15% off your order

Smart Ass Gals

This deal is being featured in the Thriftychick newsletter with other special deals as well, but I figured I would share this with you as well. Between now and the end of the month, Smart Ass Gal, one of the finest lingerie boutiques online is offering Thriftychick readers a special discount. Order anything in their online store and you will get 15% off your entire order. That means, bra, panties, camisoles, are all on sale. These are not normal items you’ll find at stores, these are high end pieces that are selling at lower prices specifically for Thriftychick readers. Get in on it now. Click this link and use code smartchick on checkout.

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ebay 33% off of Listing Fees


I use ebay ALL the time. All the time meaning I am always on the site constantly looking for great deals. The reason that that is the case is because you’re almost guaranteed to find at least SOMETHING on ebay. They’ve helped visitors out with this deal. Ebay has taken 33% off of listing fees and this lasts until the end of October. This means that it costs less to list items that you want to sell. This also means that users will probably list items for a lower price. The savings are automatically passed on to you. To get the deal, you’ll want to click this link. Enjoy the weekend.