It is your tendency not to buy things in sets, for several reasons. First, you don’t like to over-coordinate—perfectly matching doesn’t mesh with your avant-garde style.

Second, your thrifty nature makes you somewhat of a magpie—as soon as something catches your eye and is reasonably priced, you buy it immediately and figure out what to wear it with later (though somehow, because of your own rigorous sense of personal style, it all blends together).

Pearl Strings’ online jewelry boutique features items so chic, well-made and affordable, you won’t be able to resist buying an entire set, especially with ThriftyChick’s exclusive 20% off deal (enter code: “thriftychick” at checkout).

Try something like the grey shell and pearl lauriat necklace ($38), the mother of pearl wrap bracelet ($10), and the sterling silver 7mm pearl stud earrings ($6)—all made with authentic pearls and real silver. The bracelet’s blue complements the grey tones of the necklace without being too “matchy-matchy,” while the simplicity of the earrings won’t distract from the baubles dangling around your neck and wrists. Offer valid through May 31, 2006. —Ali

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