By day, you want your handbag like your fries: supersized. You lug around your entire life in a huge tote slung over your shoulder, and will surely pay for it later in visits to an orthopedic doctor. But by night, you are a minimalist—you pare down your possessions to the bare essentials, opting for a small, hand-held clutch to carry them. While you want your clutch to have something extra to stand out (compared to your large bag, which is hard to miss), you don’t want something covered in beads or sequins. TrendyGal offers hand sewn clutches made from natural horn, which is eye-catchingly elegant rather than theatrically tacky. The brown tortoise shell clutch, black polka dot natural shell clutch (with mother-of-pearl inlay), and rectangular amber natural horn handbag may just have you trying to squeeze your daytime routine into the confines of their silk lining. Each is $42 from TrendyGal.