It feels like everyone is wearing the same thing, or slight variations thereof … same labels, same stores, same regurgitated trends. As an adamant individualist, what are you to do? Migrate to a climate of originality. Indie Shopper is based on the philosophy of independence—in design, in style, in life. Featuring emerging independent designer labels, the online boutique allows you to shop the unique looks of an array of hip collections from all over the country. Designer style at a fraction of the price: instead of $230 Dior sunglasses, don the oversized Reluxe glasses from Soda for $63; instead of a $500 kate spade handbag, get a cutesie Bird Bag from Alissa Smith for $50; instead of a $2,000 dress from Nina Ricci, get this Paris nightie dress from Pomme for $132—you get the drift.