I am very excited to announce the redesign of ThriftyChick, and explain some of the new features. This redesign is somewhat long overdue–but we think it was well worth the wait!

1. Personalized Picks. Do you ever read a Chick Pick and think to yourself, “Ooh, I should make note of that jewelry boutique so I can shop there for my next evening soirée,” but then it slips your mind, or you don’t want to dig through the ThriftyChick archives to find it again? Well, now you can save picks and have your own personalized picks page with free registration—you can come back to your picks anytime, and delete or (for you indecisive shoppers) put them “on hold” to completely customize ThriftyChick to your preferences.

2. Chick Picks. Starting this week, we are going to feature Chick Picks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and update the Promotional Email Digest (on Papierblog) on Tuesday and Thursday. This consolidates our savvy shopping coverage, making things a bit more manageable for both our loyal readers and our tireless editors. Plus, we plan to supplement this with more ThriftyChick editorial coverage on the blog and in the shopping guides.

3. Isn’t it Lovely? One of the best new features about ThriftyChick is its new streamlined visual design. Now it is easier to immediately navigate to find the same great features: shopping guides, sample sale listings, key codes, exclusive deals via the shop directory, etc.

4. Easier Access. Instead of the chick pick categories of old, our chick picks section now features the last five picks—on into infinity. So if you don’t come by the site for a day or two, or you go on three month hiatus to the bush of Africa on a quest to find yourself, you can come back and catch up on what you missed.

5. Exclusive Blog Content. Click the button for “The Blog” and it will take you to just the blog posts tagged specifically for ThriftyChick, in case (for some unexplainable reason) you don’t want to sift through all the other informative content on Papierblog.

Also, I would like to reiterate that ThriftyChick does not post affiliate links inside any editorial content. There are other online shopping sites that do this, and thus they make money off their editorial referrals. Throughout all of Papierdoll, we refuse to compromise our editorial content with affiliate links because we believe it is disingenuous and even deceitful to our readers. When we rave about something, it’s because we genuinely think its worth getting, not because we will make money off your purchase.

Stay savvy & stylish,
Ali Manning │ managing editor