Awww longer days, street fairs, warm weather, Spring. Its finally here and everyday that the temperature goes up another two degrees you know it’s time for spring renewal.

Spring to me has always been like everyone else’s New Year. Everything is blooming, people are much happier because the sun is beaming on us much longer. Here are some tips for you to bloom again.

First – A cleansing bath. I’ve done this and have given these salts to many of my close friends. Even if you don’t believe in the metaphysical, karma, and sprits; the natural oils and aroma will still make you feel like a new person.

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Second– change some of the things you use everyday. As you know make up has an expiration date and as I wouldn’t suggest finding a whole new color palate online you can order some of your favorite basics (foundation, powder, mascara). Right now everyone’s favorite make up essentials store Sephora is offering free shipping on orders over $50, 3 free samples, and free returns.

I also like to clean out my underwear drawer- places like Marshalls, target, and TJ Maxx have great underwear (some designer at maxx and marshalls) just to replace some of your everyday ones.

What next?

I could go on and on- I often by new sheets and curtains(20% off a single item at Linens n Things Use Promotion/Discount code 26620000008 or GRABD08) just to refresh my bed room- not to mention there should be some major white sales at your favorite department stores.

Finally, my pick for the middle of April- the ultimate spring renewal; Spa Week (April 14-20). Discount spa services in top spas in select cities check out for more info they’ve got great deals.

So I hope my spring blooming helps you with yours…Peace and love