While I was made aware of Shea Terra Organics awhile back I was finally completely sold on the line upon receiving a sample range of their products and using it for 7 days. I must preface this by saying that this is a personal experience and this may not work for everyone so this shopping guide is more like a diary of my product use within a 7 day period.

That being said, my skin is not dramatically different from most folks with “normal” skin. An occasional breakout happens here and there, sometimes on certain days the skin might be oily etc… The first thing that strikes you about Shea Terra is the commitment to being eco-friendly and the fact that proceeds from the sale of their products go to help self empowerment projects throughout Africa. While I’m not completely sure what that means, I’m happy that a brand that I am using is at least socially as well as environmentally aware.

Diary Day 1

Ok so I received the products and felt somewhat overwhelmed. I can’t possibly use 5 products AND eat the chocolate, it’s impossible. Their asking for trouble if they think my skin is going to get better in 7 days. They don’t make the 7 day promise, I just assume that I should start seeing results even if only minor within the first 7 days right? The Mint Marrakesh product is supposed to help clear dark spots, acne, scars and fine lines. The purpose of the cleaner gets rid of dead skin and feels a bit refreshing. I’m not getting any oily after residue. The Bourbon Vanilla body lotion smells fantastic and it is soooo soft, you hardly feel as if you are using it. WOW. No oily feeling. YAY!!

Diary Day 2

No real results yet from the Mint Marrakesh product, but it’s only been two days. I am also now trying the Pink Guava Pomegranate Dead Sea Salt Scrub it has a nice soft smell and feels a bit tingly. Not bad at all the jury is out as to whether my skin will be soft post usage.

Diary Day 3

I’ve been using the Mint Marrakesh for approximately 3 days now and I thought there were no real results until I looked closer and two dark acne spots that would never go away are getting smaller. It could be all in my head and I am possibly seeing what I want to see, but they do look smaller. Hmm. I am also working the face & body oil, it’s supposed to reduce the signs of aging. I’ll have more to report on the Bourbon Vanilla body lotion tomorrow.

Diary Day 4

Ok, it’s not in my head… the Mint Marrakesh facial soap…IS WORKING. The dark sports are almost completely gone. I’m now trying to apply it liberally to a tiny scar to see if this is some sort of miracle product. The Bourbon Vanilla body lotion I was using actually made my left arm smoother than the right arm. (I put it on the left but used my regular moisturizer on the right)

Diary Day 5

I used the Pink Guava Pomegranate scrub on my feet and now I am using it way more than I think I am supposed to. I am not sure whether it is working or not but it feels like I am really cleaning dead skin off of my feet. It sounds gross, but you come here for this info. The famous Mint Marrakesh soap is a godsend. I am putting in an order for two more of these things. My skin has this soft glow now and a good number of the acne scars are gone or almost barely noticeable.

Diary Day 6

The Shea Nilotica butter is not really doing a whole lot but I don’t have a whole lot of stretchmarks so it just may be me. The body lotion is now part of my daily routine I was afraid that it was going to make my skin feel super greasy, but it’s a good product without the icky residue feel. I’m still overusing the salt scrub, it just feels really good. I’ve been sold on the Marrakesh soap so it’s futile to go on about it.

Diary Day 7

While it is impossible to try the whole Shea Terra line, I can say without any reservations that the Shea Terra line is absolutely wonderful. Not everything in the line is for everyone. For example, I found little use for the Shea Nilotica because I don’t have a whole lot of stretch marks, but I would imagine that it works just as well as the Mint Marrakesh. Let me expand on the Mint Marrakesh for a second. This thing WORKS WONDERS. It totally cleared up my complexion. The acne scars and dark spots are disappearing with my normal everyday use. Things are truly clearing up as a result of my use of this product.

The Bourbon vanilla lotion is good for anyone who has had it with moisturizers. This is the type of lotion that you put on and forget. With the exception of the light scent, I didn’t feel as if this moisturizer was making me drown in a slippery oil slick type of thing. My skin didn’t over produce any oil, it just felt right.

I am addicted to the Pink Guava Pomegranate scrub. I just keep using it although products like this you normally just use may be once or twice a week, it feels good.

Overall the Shea Terra Organics products are definitely keepers. You may want to throw out all the other skin care products in your bathroom. Their kit is all you will ever need. The price points are decent considering the amount of use you can get out of each invidual product.

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