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Orbitz Discount 80% OFF Cruise Sailings!

Cruise Ship

Orbitz is having a monster sale and I really can’t believe these numbers on the cruises they are offering. 80% off the ticket prices of normal cruise sales is simply outrageous. In fact, they are literally giving away these cruises. What’s awesome about these sales is that you can visit nearly any part of the world on huge cruise ships, with drinks, friends, food, games and so much more. Getting this deal is easy, simply purchase tickets by November 24 (even if you plan to travel in the future). Click this link to get the deal.

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Orbitz SAVE up to 50% on Hotels – Travel Like BOND Sale!


Travel like James Bond. Go ahead, you know you want to. Travel all around the world finding wonderful places to relax. Chill out, take a load off and enjoy while the getting is good. Orbitz is asking you to do this because the site is giving you up to 50% off on hotels in their Travel Like Bond Sale. This means that you will be able to get away like a star for a fraction of the price. To get the discount click here.

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Caribbean Sale: Save up to 40% NOW on Orbitz!


If you’re really trying to get away, there is no better time than now. Now meaning like yesterday. What you need is sun and surf and great weather that will make you feel wonderful and eager to get back to work (hear that editors of Papierdoll?). The simplest thing to do in that regard is to take advantage of this deal from Orbitz. Right now the travel site has discounts of up to 40% off. Are you ready to take advantage, then click here.

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Marriott Discount Save 22% On Weekend Stays


The Marriott is offering an astounding deal the ends today. This travel discount is pretty steep but ends today so think long and hard on whether you want to use it or not. Essentially you get 22% off of weekend stays at virtually any Marriott. The discount means that during times where people spend the most for vacations, you end up with an amazing travel discount. View this great deal here.


Fly Free, Get 35% Off + 2 Free Nights at Sandals Resorts!

Sandals Resorts

I pulled this directly from the sale listing:

Book by September 2nd, 2008 to receive an air credit of up to $550 per person. And, for a limited-time, you can get 2 Nights Free and up to 35% off! This offer is available at all 12 resort locations in Jamaica, Antigua&Barbuda

So Sandals Resorts are obviously going out of their minds they are offering a discount where you can fly free on your next flight and get 35% off + 2 free nights at Sandals resorts. If you were thinking of taking a vacation, now is about the time to do it. To get this discount, simply click this link and start vacationing.

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Vacation Discount – Fourpoints 20% Off Worldwide with Last-Minute Four Points Rates!

Fourpoints hotels

Fourpoints is having a sale that will help you with your vacation planning. If you’re thinking that you’re going to be going someplace in the next couple of months, this is what you’re going to want to do. Use this coupon code to get access to hotel rooms worldwide with a 20% off discount.This is really what you come to Thriftychick for, discounts that will have you saving and having a boatload of fun in the process. To get this great discount, simply click this link.

discounts, travel 30% off Florida Travel

Florida Hotels

If you or someone you know is planning a triip to Florida the best thing you can do is send them this discount. They will save on tons of hotels in Florida if they book through by June 2nd. Mind you travel is not getting any less expensive and Florida is particularly high in terms of tourism during the summer. You will definitely want to save with deals to this state. will give you 30% off on Florida travel if you book by June 2nd. Ready? Click this link to go.

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Travelocity Deal $667 for roundtrip flight to Italy via Alitalia


The cost of jet fuel is causing a direct increase in prices. Not to mention the fact that airlines have cut back flights to check planes for security reasons. Now that the latter is over and done with though the more pressing problem is that it still costs a lot of money to fly. Not so says Travelocity and Alitalia. See they are offering a deal on a round trip flight to Italy. This means that you will get a flight roundtrip for $667. That is a truly wonderful flight deal. To get it and for more information, click this link. The deal ends April 23.


30% off all Rental Cars at


Travel season is fast approaching and you’ll truly understand the need for a deal like this. Basically Priceline is giving thriftychick readers 30% off all rental cars at Why is this important? Here’s why? After spending boatloads on airfare, hotel and incidentals, you’re going to need to pay for a way to get around. The cost can add up, but if you get yourself a nice little rental car you’ll save all the transpo costs and cab money. Besides, with GPS you can travel around a city and get from point a to b without getting lost. To get the deal, click this link.